Let us understand the 5 top most common hair problems and ways to fix them

Having a hair problem is the most common but stressing issue among all as it can hamper the beauty and confidence.

·     Dandruff

Dandruff is the most occurring issue in both male and females.  Dandruff is basically scaly particles that get cling to the roots of the hair and can lead to a weakening of hair and scalp itching. This issue can be due to poor diet, infection, dry scalp, and sluggish metabolism.

Way to fix it

To root out the issue of dandruff, you can use the anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner or other medical products recommended by the hair specialists.

·     Hair Loss

Hair loss or thinning of hair is a common issue of both the genders. There can be various reasons for hair loss like medication, stress, diseases like cancer, genetic issue or even hormonal imbalance. Excessive use of hair styling products and tools can also become the cause of hair loss.

Way to fix it

You can use hair loss shampoo and can change your diet according to the best hair care nutrients. There are also many medications that can reverse the hair loss condition but if you are suffering from severe pattern loss then the surgical method of Hair transplant in India can restore your hair with a natural appearance for a lifetime.

·     Dry Hair

Some people especially girls have the problem of dry hair due to excessive use of shampoo for washing hair like using twice or thrice a day. Excessive wash can fetch the natural oils from the hair and can make them dry and weak from roots.

Way to fix it

You need to mend your way to wash hair as mild and gentle shampoo can stimulate the oils glands and prevent dryness in the hair. You should use chemical free shampoo with moisturizing conditioner to make your hair look healthy, not dry.

·     Spit Ends

Split ends can make your hair look weird, unhealthy and even dry. This problem of split ends can occur due to over brushing your hair, use of heat and chemical products may also make the condition worst for you.

Way to fix it

Trimming can help you to get rid of split ends and even you can use some medically proven products to eliminate the problem of split ends.

·     Oily/Greasy Hair

Some people have hair that always looks oily and greasy unlike the dry hair, scalp produces an excess of natural oil called sebum and this overtime of the sebaceous glands can lead to the clumsy look of hair all the time, that get cling to the scalp and even with each other.

Way to fix it

Use of shampoo for washing hair more frequent can help to control the production of excess sebum in the scalp. Shampoo for the oily hair must be chosen with the advice of a specialist.

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