Is hair transplant with grey hair possible? Will it give a natural look?

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    Is hair transplant with grey hair possible? Will it give a natural look?

    People who are getting transplanted with grey hairs should know that there are no preponderant differences in getting transplanted with either grey or white hair follicles. Some people are of the view that the pigmented hair is strong and will last longer as compared to grey hair follicles. But according to the cosmetic surgeons who are recognized for carrying out the hair transplant in Vizag, “ There is no giant difference between the hair transplantation done through the white hairs and that is done through the grey hairs.”

    Note: Some people have also been observed to be believing in the rumours that the hair transplant costs for both black and grey hair are different. You can’t know about the cost, until you visit the doctor.

    We have received many queries in which the people are asking:

    Can Grey hair be transplanted?’

    So to those curious readers, we want to say ‘Yes’. The grey hair can be transplanted. Not only the grey hairs but the patients who do have white hairs are also deemed as suitable candidates for the hair transplant.

    Did you know?

    It has been observed that the grey hair is extremely thick and textured as compared to the pigmented hair.

    We have observed many patients who have gained satisfying results from the hair transplant procedure.

    Will the colour of the transplanted hair match with the natural hair?

    It is quite difficult to make the colour of the transplanted hair match with the natural hair. None other than the highly professional and trained doctor can do it.

    Which technique helps the most to avoid the mismatching of the hair follicles?

    The whole credit for this goes to FUE. Through this technique, it becomes quite easy to extract the hair follicles from the back of the scalp. With this, it becomes easy to avoid mismatching.

    If we compare this technique with the FUT, then we shall come to know how natural and appealing results are encountered with the hair transplant.

    Point to make you gladden

    If any of the patients want to dye his or her colour to something different, then they are allowed to do this after 4 to 6 months. If you are wondering why this much time is being taken, then the answer for this is that the scalp needs a great amount of time to get healed.

    Which points are to be considered before carrying out a hair transplant of the grey hairs?

    When we are talking about the hair transplant for the white hair, then it needs to be played very very carefully. White hair is most commonly found in the following areas

    • Nape Area
    • Between The Ears

    The doctors are sure to consider the following mentioned factors into account:

    • The colour of the hair follicles present in the donor area
    • The colour of the hair follicle which is already present in the recipient area
    • Will it be possible to achieve the matching hair follicles that are in harmony with each other?