How to Grow Hair Faster? 8 Simple Tips for hair growth

How to Grow Hair Faster? 8 Simple Tips for hair growth

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    How to Grow Hair Faster? 8 Simple Tips for hair growth

    Hair transplant is often considered a light surgical procedure but one needs to be careful before opting for it. It is best to be fully informed about the procedure and the participants of the same. Hair transplant in India is readily offered at many clinics.But  it is necessary that we obtain full information about the procedure. Here is the hows and whys list:-

    1. What is the amount of expense going to be?

    The answer to this question depends on the location, the surgeon and the size of the coverage area. The specific location and the area which needs to undergo transplant help in figuring out the cost. But the most decisive factor is the fees charged by the doctor. It is expected that an experienced surgeon will charge more than a novice one, but every penny is going to be worth it. Don’t botch up your hair for the sake of saving a few thousands.


    1. Which surgeon should you opt for?

    There will be many stories . They might be horrible or pleasant. One must research thoroughly for at least a year or so and use one’s own diligence in arriving at a conclusion. Ex-patients are the most favorable advertisement a doctor can have . Interacting with them will help in making you sure about your decision. It is recommended that one should opt for a certified surgeon who has many years of experience.


    1. Does it pain?

    The procedure is not painful but it causes discomfort. It feels just like getting a filling done at the dentists.But there is a factor of discomfort which stems from having to sit for long hours in the chair during the procedure. Post the surgery,you might experience mild pain but that can be alleviated by the painkillers.


    1. Will anybody notice it?

    It depends on the procedure followed, whether it is FUE or FUT. But the resultant scar, if any will be well hidden under the new hair, so you need not worry about your scar-y truths. It will be better if you demand the surgeon to show the photos of the previous patients.You can check with the former patients too.


    1. How long will it take to grow my hair back?

    Hair grows slowly even in a person who is not suffering from hair loss. You will have to wait for 3-4 months for full results to show up after the transplant. After 8 months, your head should be full.


    1. How long will the results last?

    Usually, the transplanted hair is permanent and claimed to be resistant to baldness. They should grow and last during your lifetime. But sometimes you may experience hair loss in different areas of the head.


    1. How long should I rest?

    A couple of days will be enough for you to return to your daily routine but keep in mind that your scalp is still recovering and it is best to avoid any strenuous sport or sexual activity for at least 10 days.


    1. Will I lose hair due to the surgery?

    Yes, existing hair might be lost as a side effect of the surgery. It is referred to as ‘shock loss’.The amount and duration of the shock loss depend on the strength of your hair. Thin hair will be difficult to return but thick hair will come back. This will greatly depend on the skills of the surgeon too.