How much is the success rate of hair transplant treatment in India?

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    How much is the success rate of hair transplant treatment in India?

    Hair transplant: Best treatment for hair restoration

    Hair transplant is the ultimate solution to have hair growth on the bald part of the scalp or the area where there is limited growth. Whether you are losing hair due to natural aging or it is triggering at a young age, undergoing the treatment of a Hair Transplant in Vizag can help you in different ways. Keeping that aside, there are people who prefer to get the treatment just for reconstruction or cosmetic reasons. It is essential that you have a proper understanding of the way treatment works and which treatment plan is going to suit your hair loss condition.

    During the initial evaluation, the doctor will analyze your condition in detail and tell you about the Hair Transplant Cost for your condition. Only when all the factors are considered then will it come to light which type of hair transplant you need. Although, one thing is certain that the hair transplant success rate is more than 85% to 90%.

    What are the factors that determine the success of hair transplant?

    Well! Various factors help to better analyze the entire situation and these are mentioned below.

    Success in the hair transplant procedure

    Surgeon skills, technology, the technology used, clinical infrastructure, patient efforts, and everything combined will help to increase the success of hair transplant. Well! The success rate will depend on the factor that determines how much satisfaction you will get with the treatment. Here are different parameters on which the final decision is made:

    • You need to consider the clinical infrastructure so that the surgical plan goes smoothly.
    • The technology used for the surgery.
    • The surgeon who will perform the operation
    • Patient followed the careful approach during the treatment

    Success rate of hair transplant depending on your goal

    Understand that the success rate will depend on your goal and what sort of results you want to have. Before starting the procedure, your goal is considered, and keeping that in mind the treatment plan is made. Understand that you have to take the best care of your hair once the procedure is done. Like, here are some things which you need to take into consideration:

    • Make sure that you take the painkillers on time
    • You need to take proper care of your surgical area and check for facial swelling
    • Take all the pain medications on time

    Graft survival in the hair transplant

    To boost the success of hair transplant, the grafts need to survive and they need to be transplanted in the right area so that they grow properly. Studies have shown that around 85% to 95% of the grafts will grow in their desired place successfully. So, what about the success rate of both the hair transplant:

    • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

    The success rate is around 85%

    • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

    The success rate is around 85% to 90%

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    You know what many studies have shown that 100% of the patients are satisfied with the hair transplant results. If you are planning to get the hair transplant treatment, then schedule your initial consultation with our doctor.