How can sweating affect the hair transplant results? What to do?

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    How can sweating affect the hair transplant results? What to do?

    Hair Transplant & Sweating: Why does it need careful attention?

    Hair transplant is one of the best surgical yet safe treatment plans for hair loss is getting massive attention with time. Hair Transplant in Vizag is one of those treatment plans which works effectively for the patients in case of hair problems. Although after getting a hair transplant, it’s essential to be extra careful so that the desired results are obtained on time. One factor that demands attention is, ‘Whether sweating is normal after hair transplant or not?’ or ‘Can sweating affect the hair transplant results?’ 

    Sweating after hair transplant

    The scalp is one of the delicate parts, and if there’s sweating after the hair transplant, then there are chances the results are adverse. If you have undergone the Hair Transplant in Kakinada, you must be careful during the recovery phase so that the desired results are seen on time. 

    Can exercise affect the success rate of hair transplant?

    Exercise is okay after hair transplant treatment but make sure that you do it after some time or as told by the doctor. If you do exercise too often, it is likely to result in sweating and increased intensity, and you might hit the scalp being adverse during the regime, which will create problems. So, all in all, excess sweating can be a massive problem for the success rate of the treatment.

     Why should sweating be avoided after a hair transplant?

    With excess sweating, there is a risk of infection. If there is a bacterial infection in the transplanted grafts, then the success rate of the treatment will go down. So, it’s essential that sweating is prevented. Just make sure that you avoid direct exposure to the sun. Wait for at least 14 days after hair transplant as, by this time, the hair grafts have started to settle down in the desired place. Similarly, any sort of pressure is not correct, and don’t do anything which makes you hit your scalp.

     How soon can you exercise after a hair transplant?

    On average, 14 days is the waiting period to do exercise after a hair transplant. By doing so, the hair grafts will get implanted in the desired place safely. Here are some other necessary suggestions given by the doctor:

    • Make sure to do light exercise at least seven days after the surgery, including walking and playing table tennis.
    • Regular exercise regime can be continued after 14 days, including lifting heavyweight, gym, and doing cardio sessions.
    • Regular contact sports can be played after one month of undergoing a hair transplant as, by this time, the recovery has taken the next stage, which is all comfortable for you. 

    Please Note!

    If you still have redness after the surgery, then make sure to consider all the necessary suggestions given by the doctor carefully. You should not wait and consult the medical expert as redness is expected to settle down within a few weeks.