Types Of Hair Transplant Surgery

    Hair Transplant Surgery: Permanent And Successful Hair Fall Treatment

    Hair loss is an experience that can bring a lot of stress to individual life. It is not easy to deal with such a problem without any worry. I mean, after all, the biggest attribute of a human being is their hair. So if there is none left to take care of, how would one make a great impression?

    This is the reason why people opt for various home remedies, over-the-counter tablets, and other hair loss treatment in Vizag. But does any of those work? And if yes, but for how long?

    The main issue is that they are not a permanent technique to overcome the problem of hair loss. In this blog, we will talk about one approach that is gaining a lot of popularity because of its success rate.

    So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

    A Successful And Permanent Hair Fall Treatment

    Hair transplant surgery is the only successful hair loss remedy that works perfectly while also giving long-lasting results.

    You might wonder why hair transplant surgery?

    Well, the answer is pretty simple. It is an efficient method that will help you get long, voluminous hair without any side effects for a longer period of time. And to top it off, the results will look more natural and less choppy.

    In short, it is a win-win situation for all. No more wasting money on different hair loss treatments that cost you a lot but without any success.

    Now let us move towards the different types of hair transplant surgery, and which is the best for you?

    Different Types Of Hair Transplant Technique

    • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

    In this technique, the surgeon in a hair clinic in Vizag retrieves the hair from the donor site, which is the back or the side of the scalp, one at a time. The follicles are single in number, making it easier and more precise to implant them back on the recipient of the affected or bald area. It is the latest hair transplant technique version, which helps get better results with no choppy outcome. So if you want something that will give you a satisfying result, make sure to choose FUE.

    • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

    It is an older version of FUE. In this technique; the doctor retrieves the hair follicles in a long strip all at once from the back or the side of the hair, which is also known as a donor site. Then they pluck the hair follicle from the strip to implant it in the recipient or bald area of the patient. Unlike the FUE technique, it is less precise and can give you a little choppy work but is not too extreme.

    Which Is Best For You?

    The only way to know the proper technique is to understand and diagnose the real cause of the hair fall.

    Final Comments

    Where can you get the best hair transplant surgery?

    At VJ’s Cosmetic Surgery And Hair Transplantation Center.

    For more details you can contact us on:

    • +91 9849797776
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