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FUE beard transplant: Advanced treatment to grow a thin and patchy beard

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    FUE beard transplant: Advanced treatment to grow a thin and patchy beard

    Beard Hair Transplant: Transform your beard

    Do you have a problem with your beard growth? Undoubtedly, a beard is one of the most important parts of masculinity for men. But, sometimes, the beard is patchy or thin, so men can feel disheartened and lose confidence seeing less hair growth. Moreover, some might begin to lose hair before age or already have thin beard hair. No worries! Because we have got you to the finest men hair fall solution in Vizag. It’s a beard hair transplant.  

    Hair transplant: Advanced hair restoration treatment

    The beard restoration is possible with Beard Hair Transplant in Vizag. The hair loss reason can be genetics, age, hormone, health condition, stress, and much more. And with all these, losing confidence is extremely common. You should always choose the advanced and safe option for the problem. For beard hair transplant, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method of hair restoration makes a huge difference.

    Beard hair transplant + PRP treatment: Better and improved results

    When you consult the hair loss doctor, he carefully diagnoses and evaluates the problem. It means to determine which solution is best for you. The healthy hair follicles are extracted from the donor area by the surgeon and transplanted to the thinning. There’s a possibility to combine PRP treatment for better results. So, to help increase hair growth, the doctor suggests the most accurate treatment plan.

    How is a beard hair transplant performed?

    During transplant, the surgeon extracts hair follicles from the healthy part and transplants them to problematic areas. The surgeon removes hair follicles one by one.

    The hair transplant surgeon performs the procedure precisely, aiming for better results and achieving desired thickness. The method of FUE offer better fullness in the beard as needed.

    Before the treatment starts, the surgeon applies local anesthesia to numb the skin. From the back of the scalp hair follicles are extracted in a precise manner. And afterward, you will see the results within a few weeks as you expect.

    Can I shave after a beard hair transplant?

    YES! You can. You can shave after a beard transplant within two weeks. Although, you will notice the desired results within four weeks. Although, make sure that you do everything as the hair transplant surgeon says.

    What is the post-operative care for beard transplant?

    The recovery time depends on the type of procedure performed. The recovery time can take a few weeks. It’s normal to experience a few common symptoms during recovery:

    • Swelling
    • Tenderness
    • Redness

    The doctor will tell you better what you have to do. Make sure you do not miss any follow-ups after the surgery.

    What are the benefits of beard hair transplant?

    Some of the most noteworthy benefits of hair transplant are:

    • Extremely safe
    • Easily cover scars
    • Transplanted hair grows and functions just like normal hair
    • Helps to style the beard
    • Boost your self-esteem