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An Arm Lift surgery in India

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    An Arm Lift surgery in India

    The loose skin may come after weight loss, liposuction or aging. The loose skin may occur in the upper arm or the lower arm and through the arm lift surgery, the arms are properly reshaped.

    An arm lift is also known as a Brachioplasty a surgical procedure that eliminates excessive sagging skin that falls downwards. The surgeon may remove the excessive fat and as well tighten and smoothes the underlying supportive tissue to give a new perfect shape to the arm. An arm lift is performed under local or general anesthesia to prevent pain. Before the procedure, a surgeon must discuss with the patient about the possible expectations. In this case, he has to evaluate the patient to see that she exactly knows what she is doing. The surgeon must also know about the medical history of the patient it is conducted.

    Major complications that include infections and bleeding can be avoided when an experienced and qualified surgeon is approached. An Arm Lift surgery always leaves a scar linear scar under the arm. It can reduce in size and in the visibility when treatments are taken. In addition, it can also blend into the person’s skin with time. The advantages of this surgery are generally cosmetic based. A woman will have the desired arm shape and above all look younger and confident about herself.