A to Z about Hair Transplantation

    What is a hair transplant? How much time does it take to show the results?

    What does the thought of undergoing a hair transplant in Vizag bring to your mind? Is it the locks of the transplanted hair that does not get blended with the natural hair?

    Do you think this way?

    The hair transplants no longer make the hair plug-like appearance come out. Nowadays, the hair transplant procedure has become so advanced that it is difficult to distinguish which ones are transplanted hair or which are natural. Despite the effectiveness of the procedure, the hair transplant cost is extremely pocket-friendly.

    What is a hair transplant?

    It is one of the medical procedures that does not only add hair to the thin or the bald areas, but it does help the scalp to make those hair follicles survive and let them grow normally.

    What does the male pattern baldness involve?

    It is the male pattern baldness that moves the hair not only from the sides or back of the head but the follicles are moved from to the top.

    How does the hair transplant procedure work?

    Since we know there are two different kinds of hair transplant procedures. The commencement of both the procedures starts with the following:

    • Scalp Cleansing
    • Injection of the Anaesthesia

    In this article, we are going to talk about the following two kinds of the procedure:

    • FUE
    • FUT

    What happens in the follicular unit transplantation?

    To perform FUT, the surgeon makes several cuts to obtain the strips of the scalp. These are then divided into no more than 500 to 2000 small grafts which will be transplanted on the scalp.

    What happens in the FUE?

    When it is about FUE, then the surgeon removes several hair follicles from the scalp. The hair grafts are extracted with the help of tiny incisions.

    Does the size of the hair grafts vary?

    Yes, Of Course. The size of the hair grafts do vary depending upon the type of the grafts:

    • Micrografts – One or Two Inches
    • Slit Grafts – Four To Ten Inches
    • Old-School Punch Grafts – Ten to Fifteen Inches

    What happens after you get a hair transplant?

    First of all, it is advised that the patients who have just undergone the hair transplant procedure should not expect the results to show up so early. The results do take 8 months to show up.

    For the first two wells, you need to be extremely careful about the transplanted hair grafts. You have to follow some of the precautionary measures to make sure that the hair grafts are neither getting dislodged nor do they are getting non-stimulated.

    After 3 to 4 months, the transplanted hair begins to shed off. But that should not be thought of as a matter of concern, it is completely a completely normal phenomenon.

    Gradually the places at which the hair have been shed will be filled by the natural hair. All in all, it will take 8 months to show the results.

    Final Comments!

    If you still have any questions left or query unaddressed, then please let us know. We shall publish a carry forwarded article concerning that.

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