Why some men in vizag are asking for breast-reduction surgery (Gynaecomastia)

Why some men in vizag are asking for breast-reduction surgery (Gynaecomastia)

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    Why some men in vizag are asking for breast-reduction surgery (Gynaecomastia)

    We often see men who have a chest which seems much like that of a woman. It is known as gynecomastia. The condition is caused due to hormonal imbalance. It is found in men in varying degrees. About 50 -70 % of men are found to be suffering from it in various degrees.


    The main reason seems to be a hormonal imbalance. We are born with both the male and female hormones. They are in balance according to the gender of the patient. The male hormones are dominant in men while the female hormones are dominant in women.

    The condition may also be triggered by some medicines or marijuana consumption. While the condition may get rectified on its own in many cases, it may require treatment in other cases. Some cases might benefit from medicines but many cases need surgery. Gynecomastia surgery in Vizag is readily available for such patients.



    While the presence of female-like breasts in the chest area is the most common symptom, one might also see secretion from the chest area. This might happen due to overproduction of estrogen(a female hormone) or underproduction of androgen (a male hormone)


    If exercise, dieting and lifestyle changes don’t help, then the person has to opt for gynecomastia surgery. The surgery is an outpatient procedure and the patient can resume his daily routine within a day or two.

    Traditional treatment

    The surgeons used a primitive liposuction technique to remove the fat from the breasts. Sometimes excess skin was also removed to present a firm and flat chest. The procedure had many drawbacks as it resulted in frequent infections, bleeding and skin injury. Patients also reported numbness which lasted for a long time. The surgery left permanent scars on the chest in the nipple area.

    Liposuction  Using ultrasound

    This type of surgery is one of the latest methods to treat gynecomastia. It makes use of the ultrasound system to break and liquefy fat which can be expelled with an aspirator. Then the doctor uses a scalpel to make incisions just below the nipples and through the armpits. Thin metal probes are used to break the fat tissue. After the emulsification of the fat, it is sucked through a rubber tube and drained into a plastic container. It is followed by surgical removal of unwanted breast tissue. After that, the surgeon stitches up the chest. The surgery is painful but it all numbs out under the effect of anesthesia.

    After the surgery

    Some scarring will be there due to the incisions. The scars will fade away gradually with time. You may experience a little pain and swelling at the points where incisions were made. The patient is advised not to undertake any strenuous physical activity for some days as it might put stress on his chest.