What is Gynecomastia Surgery?

Man boobs could be a genetic problem, but you can control its existence

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    Man boobs could be a genetic problem, but you can control its existence

    When we all look at a healthy baby, we can see man boobs and I guess we all had them. Also known as Gynecomastia, male breasts or man boobs can be triggered by many factors and can appear at an unexpected age. Babies, adolescents, and older men are victims of man boobs. Mostly influenced by life habits and practices, man boobs can be controlled to a greater extent the issue is detected in time

    What is Gynecomastia?

    It is where a man has enlarged breasts almost detectable like for a woman. The gynecomastia problem is a gradual process where the glandular tissue develops over time and causes the breast tissue to enlarge hence forming that bulky chest. The problem of breast tissue in males is not an issue to do with fat only, fat may exist, but the major problem goes down to the glandular tissue that is formed with time also causing more skin.

    The breast issue in males despite of age, excluding babies, is a deformity that may affect the body image and self-esteem in public. Recently, Jax Taylor the Vanderpump Rules star underwent surgery to get rid of the breast tissue since he had body image issues.

    Causes of breasts in males

    The causes vary widely in males, but we can explain the causes below

    Genetics – It may run in families making you get it too in future

    Hormonal imbalances– lower levels of testosterone and androgens may cause gynecomastia in some males. That means that they have high levels of female hormones, like prolactin and estrogens that need to be corrected

    Physical exercises– vigorous exercisers like gym exercises may also cause breast tissue in males

    Obesity and poor eating habits- males who gluttonies have higher chances of developing man boobs. Also, an obese man obviously has enlarged breasts

    Drug use- The use of anabolic steroids to build muscles cause breast tissue and in addition, corticosteroids, antibiotics, and opioids can also lead to breast tissue in males.

    Looking at breast issues in different males

    Babies and children

    Breast tissue in babies and children of 1 to 2 years is okay. This has greater chances of disappearing as the baby grows up due to the requirement of more food for energy production and bodybuilding.


    The breast formation could represent high female hormones in the body since this is the time when male attributes are supposed to show up in a boy. Breast tissue in adolescents could be due to over-eating and obesity, but where the breast tissue persists until the age of 20, then gynecomastia must be the issue


    We are currently witnessing enlarged breasts in rich men and those who are associated with vigorous activities. When dietary measures are taken, this may solve the breast issues. Cases, where one is not associated with any of these, must get gynecomastia treatment.


    At Dr Vjs cosmetic surgery centre, the diagnostic procedure is carried out through the following;

    Physical examination, mostly focusing on the shape, size, tenderness and hardness of the breast.


    Tests to detect the hormonal levels

    Gynecomastia treatment

    Gynecomastia treatment in India is performed with surgical treatments or non-surgical treatments. With the non-surgical treatments, it may include weight loss, diet, or exercises to get rid of the breasts as may be diagnosed. Man boobs can also be controlled once one detects that there are possibilities for the breast tissue to enlarge.

    In other cases, 70% of males will require surgery for breast reduction. Surgery is seen as the permanent way of getting rid of the glandular tissue. The process of Gynecomastia surgery in India begins with the administration of local or general anaesthesia. There are different types of surgeries that a surgeon may select from in order to effectively treat a patient.

    The surgeon makes an incision around the areola to remove the whole glandular tissue. Liposuction may also be performed to remove the excessive fat and also eliminate the excessive skin. The surgeon will also have to remove the blood vessels and the nerves. The procedure normally lasts for 4 hours but may take more time depending on the work to be done.

    The cost will also vary on the level of breast tissue, plus the individual requirements to be achieved.

    What happens after the procedure?

    There is an immediate change in the size of the chest and you will feel it. It is recommended that you restrain yourself from vigorous exercises that may put pressure on the chest. Try to follow the doctor’s advice

    There is always a new thrill felt by the patients after a breast reduction. You will be satisfied with the results and you won’t struggle with body image issues anymore.

    From the given video you can watch the live procedure of gynecomastia surgery: