Whats the Relationship Between Diabetes And Hair Fall?

Is There Any Kind Of Relationship That Is Between Diabetes And Hair Fall?

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    Is There Any Kind Of Relationship That Is Between Diabetes And Hair Fall?

    Hair is an asset for every person. The hair fall is an issue that has not left a person of any age untouched be it a teenager, adult or elderly. That is why Hair transplant in Visakhapatnam has become quite common nowadays. The hair fall can occur due to various reasons such as aging, unhealthy food practices, usage of chemicals on hair, high blood sugar levels, and underlying health conditions such as diabetes.

    Can Diabetes Lead To Hair Loss?

    Many people pose a question whether hair loss can be caused by diabetes. The answer to this query is yes. It can contribute in thinning of hair and loss of hair by:

    • Defecting the hair growth
    • Making hair growth than normal
    • Stoppage of new hair
    • What Factors Can Make A Diabetic Person Lose Hair?High blood sugar level: the insulin production is impaired or the function of control of blood sugar level by insulin becomes defected with diabetes. Due to this, the blood sugar level of the body is unchecked and this damages the organs, blood vessels and tissues of the body. The damaged blood vessels have restricted blood flow due to which the required supply of oxygen and certain nutrients is reduced. With this, the hair follicles become weak and hair tends to fall.
    • Hormones and stress: diabetes brings about a lot of physical and mental stress. The rising stress disturbs the hormone level of the body which in turn leads to poor hair health.
    • Alopecia Areata: this is a phenomenon which is characterized by wrongful attacking hair follicles by the immune system. The persons suffering from type 1 diabetes are more prone to getting affected by this than others suffering from diabetes. With this, the hair is lost in patches wherever they grow be it head, arms or legs.

    Can The Hair Loss Caused By Diabetes Be Reversed?

    The efficient ways of managing diabetes are:

    • Continuous evaluation of blood sugar level
    • Religiously following the medication and advice of the physician
    • The inclusion of a balanced and healthy diet
    • Doing away with the food that can disturb the diabetes level
    • Regular exercise

    Similarly, there are different ways of stress management

    • Staying in touch with friends and family
    • Taking counseling sessions
    • Indulging in meditation, yoga, and deep-breathing
    • Being positive and optimistic

    Treating The Hair Loss

    There are some treatments for hair loss but these treatments do not have long-term stability. The general treatments available for hair loss are biotin, lifestyle changes, and topical medications.

    All in all, hair boosts the confidence and self-esteem of people. The people may become a prey of stress and depression due to hair loss and may even confine themselves to home. Diabetes, itself, is a stressful ailment and if it is accompanied by hair loss; then people may find it even more difficult to cope with the negative consequences of both.