What is a Hair prosthesis? When this non-medical treatment is the best choice?

What is a Hair prosthesis? When this non-medical treatment is the best choice?

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    What is a Hair prosthesis? When this non-medical treatment is the best choice?


    The advancement in hair restoration treatment has led us to get benefits from hair transplant in Vizag. Although, if you are someone who is in search of non-surgical treatment for some time, before actually undergoing a hair transplant, then this blog will talk you through about the hair prosthesis. Let’s get started for a better understanding.

    What is Hair Prosthesis?

    The term ‘Hair prosthetic’ is widely used for custom wigs which are made for patients who have lost their hair due to medical issue like:

    • Chemotherapy
    • Alopecia

    Depending on the patient’s condition, the hairpiece is made and it is best suited for patients who have sensitive skin. The hair prosthetics can perfectly cover the full head or you can get them customized to cover the bald spots or certain parts of baldness on the scalp.

    Moreover, there are different options available in prosthesis but the general classification is made in the given 4 types which includes:

    • Lace hair systems
    • Lace and skin hair systems
    • Medical wigsHair Prosthesis is generally known as custom wigs. These are made for the people who have lost their hair chemotheray or alopecia. These cover the bald spots perfectly and are custom made.
    • Skin hair systems

    If you are in search of the best clinic that can provide you with the necessary treatment, then you should visit our clinic. The doctor will tell you the best hair solution and depending on the medical reason, you will be given the best treatment plan.

    Prosthesis – 100% natural human hair

    At VJ’s clinic, the hair prosthetics are made with 100% natural human hair and this is the reason they will look the best. One of the major concern of the patient is that can they:

    • Die their hair
    • Comb them
    • Get head wash
    • Use any kind of hair styling product

    Well! The answer to all these doubts is that you can do anything and everything with this hair, just like your natural hair.

    Who can benefit from this non-medical hair restoration?

    The option of Hair prosthetics will be a perfect fit for all those who want to have a stable option in all the possible conditions. No matter whether you like to go to the gym or like swimming, you can do anything while wearing these. This non-medical hair restoration is the perfect option for any woman or man who is suffering from hair loss. It can work well for:

    • Patients of any age can choose this.
    • Availability of different products depending on your style & need
    • Fast treatment
    • Easy and pain-free treatment
    • Most importantly natural results

    What are the situations where non-medical hair restoration is perfect?

    Ideally, there are 6 main categories in which the patient can be benefited through hair prosthetics and this includes:

    • Patients with less availability of hair in the donor area and other treatment options will be difficult to perform.
    • The recipient area is not going to support the effect of getting a hair transplant or that specific area has undergone sustainable physical trauma.
    • All those who want to get rich results, but in the current time not a suitable candidate for hair transplant.

    If you want to understand better about this non-surgical option and what will be the entire cost, then schedule your initial appointment today only!