Patient Review after Bio FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

How a hair transplant changed my career!

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    How a hair transplant changed my career!

    I may not be a big celebrity, but I believed that I was a celebrity for the kind of work I do. In the early 2000s, I watched my hair falling out for reasons I didn’t know. I tried to get some treatments mainly Finasteride, but its effect was not that big. To cut the long story short, I got to know about Dr. Vijay Kumar through a friend and after some years of struggle, I got a BIO-FUE hair transplant.

    I badly needed to restore my hair since it had a negative impact on my career. I stopped getting roles and opportunities since my looks had greatly diminished. My life wasn’t that cool since I lost my confidence and swag.

    But after 2 years of a hair transplant, I was back at the top of everything. I got started getting calls from here and there, I got better opportunities, and my looks were so natural and attractive. I now walk with confidence and I feel that my career is secure. Dr. Vijay told me about the need for another hair transplant after some good years, but am not worried about that anymore.