Hair Transplant in Madugula | FUE, FUT & PRP Hair Transplant Cost in Madugula

Hair Transplant in Madugula

Affordable Cost Hair Transplant Treatment in Madugula, Andhra Pradesh

Latest and affordable hair transplant treatment in Madugula, Andhra Pradesh, Are you dealing with hair loss? Are you tired of trying countless hair treatment options but all the time you always notice temporary results? Not anymore…Why? Undergoing the hair transplant treatment can help you save your for LIFETIME…Really? YES! It is possible with the treatment of hair Transplant in Madugula

At Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Centre, under the supervision of Dr. C Vijay Kumar, you will get a customized treatment plan for your hair loss situation. Once the doctor has evaluated your hair loss, he will tell you how many hair grafts do you have, what hair transplant type will suit your condition the best, and any other measures which you have to take before or after the surgery.

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    How much is the cost of hair transplant treatment?

    It is difficult to quote the exact figure that, ‘How much do you have to pay for the hair transplant?’ Why? Only during the consultation, it will come to light that how much you have to pay to deal with hair loss or baldness. If we talk about the average hair Transplant cost in Madugula then it can be around Rs 40,000. Bear in mind every patient requires a different number of grafts and when you will visit the doctor for consultation, you will get a better estimate on how much you have to pay.

    Why choose Vjs clinic for hair transplant treatment?

    This ‘WHY?’ is always the concern among the patients. Do not worry we are here to tell you about the same so that without any stress you can undergo the hair transplant treatment at our clinic.

    • Years of experience

      Avidity Speaks for itself. Our experienced hair doctor has more than 35 years of experience in this field. His medical brilliance and skills have helped countless patients to deal with the stress of hair loss. With expertise come precision and the skills to do the hair transplant with perfection!

    • Positive and hygienic environment

      Hair transplant is a surgical approach and at our clinic, we make sure to provide you the treatment with utmost comfort. We make sure that the entire premises is clean and all the safety standards are followed. After every procedure, all the surgical equipment is sterilized which reduces the chances of infection.

    • Advanced and best hair transplant method

      We are here to serve you with the best and nothing less than that. At our clinic, we provide FUE hair transplant, FUT hair transplant, Giga sessions, BIO-FUT, Revision surgery, and much more. Only the latest and best technology is used to effectively perform the hair transplant. Once you have put your trust in us, you will get the desired results you are looking for.

    • Increasing count of happy patients

      We have a large number of patients who have been putting their trust in us because of the treatment approach we offer. You can go through our website or youtube channel to check the patients who have shared their happy experience of undergoing hair transplant treatment at our clinic.

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    Quality and Effective Results – This is what we focus upon with every patient. If you are going through a severe hair loss phase in your life, then schedule your initial consultation with our hair doctor to notice the difference and get the treatment at an affordable price.