Botox Treatment best Solution for Wrinkles

Botox Treatment to reduce wrinkles and the aging effects

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    Botox Treatment to reduce wrinkles and the aging effects

    The commonly used cosmetic treatment has reduced the number of facial issues in women and men. Thought to be dangerous, scientists discovered the good side of the treatment making a drastic change in the cosmetic field. It is a simple treatment provided by dermatologists to reduce wrinkles in the face.


    All men and women experiencing aging and unwanted wrinkles or lines in the face are candidates. The following are excluded;

    • Pregnant women
    • Lactating or breastfeeding women
    • Men and women with neurological problems
    • When your doctor denounces it

    How it works

    As we grow, the skin loses its firmness causing it to form lines and dropping skin. The loss of weight is also another issue that can cause lines to be formed. When one meets a dermatologist, a botox injection is administered in the facial areas with wrinkles to reduce the effect of the muscles.

    Once this treatment is given, the muscles or tissue is damaged, they will cause the wrinkles to disappear and the lines will also go away.

    A majority of patients have benefited from the treatment since it is cheap and effective at the same time.

    Before the procedure

    Cosmetic procedures require attention during a consultation. Many patients suffer complications due to negligence and undermining the doctor’s instructions. Before the Botox treatment, one is advised to stop smoking for at least 3 weeks. Avoid or reduce alcohol consumption, drugs like aspirins and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

    The procedure of Botox Treatment in India

    • It is an outpatient procedure and requires no anesthesia and very simple.
    • The doctor will inject the Botox treatment into the skin in the specified areas to reach the muscles.
    • It will take approximately 30 minutes for the treatment to be accomplished
    • One shouldn’t scratch or rub the injected area after the treatment

    Side-effects of Botox Treatment

    • Bruising is a common side-effect which goes after a few days
    • Eyelid dropping also occurs due to the effect of the Botox treatment
    • One may also feel discomfort and headaches at times. The on and off headaches will last for 2 days
    • Weakening of the muscles in the location where the injection was administered

    Getting another Botox treatment

    Naturally, our body changes with age and the muscles grow as well. It will take you 7 months for the wrinkles to appear again, which means that you will need the treatment again to remove the wrinkles and the lines.

    Botox Treatment Cost in India

    When thinking about Botox treatment cost, one should consider between Rs. 10,000 to Rs.20, 000. As you search about dermatologists and cosmetic centres, so will you find a difference in the prices. An effective treatment will last for a good number of months and there will be results after 3 weeks of the treatment.