Lipoma Surgery: What Happens During Surgery?

What to expect when you undergo lipoma surgery in Vizag?


Lipoma Surgery

Have you ever heard of the term lipoma?

Lipoma is a medical condition that forms fatty and rubber-like growth under the skin. The change can occur on any part of the body from birth or in individuals between 40 to 60. Lipoma Surgery in Vizag is not an immediate consideration for every individual. But, when the problem makes it difficult to live normally and triggers a problem, you need lipoma surgery. To be precise, when you notice pain and discomfort, you need surgery.

Medical assistance for lipoma removal

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During the procedure, soft tissues are repaired and restored in the body. The flexibility of the approach makes it a great choice and allows precision in every step. The doctor will customize the lipoma treatment plan to give you ultimate relief from your condition. Our doctor will do a proper CT scan, imaging test, and X-ray to analyze the problem effectively. So, expect appropriate evaluation, and only then does the next step gets done.

What happens during lipoma removal?

The condition is not life-threatening, but if it causes pain, then surgical intervention is what you need. Significantly, if the lipoma is growing and does not look good, surgery is the last resort.

Please Note!

The doctor might suggest you get lipoma removal as the condition gets worse because there’s some possibility that the mass might become malignant over time.

When is the right time for lipoma removal?

You should get lipoma removal when the growth is still small. By doing so, the possibility of the problem getting worse is less. Additionally, you should consult a medical expert to analyze what is required for your condition. The type of anesthesia you need depends on the following:

  • Large lipoma – General Anesthesia
  • Small lipoma – Local Anesthesia

The surgeon will make one single incision on the mass during the procedure to dissect the area and remove the lipoma from underneath the skin. The doctor can use a traditional suture method or absorbable sutures, depending on the condition or your preference.

Recovery timeline for lipoma surgery

Well, the factor of recovery depends on two essential elements:

  • Size of lipoma
  • Location of lipoma

You don’t have to get yourself into any activity for a few days. So, there is no need to worry about the procedure and what happens afterward; Everything gets done safely and effectively.