All about the Hair Restoration Treatment

What is Hair Restoration Treatment & Why Do We Need It?

What is Hair Restoration Treatment & Why Do We Need It?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Hair loss is one of the major factors which causes a decrease in self-confidence and negation of body image. In the current times, both men and women face hair loss in those early years. The cause may lie in their genetics, lifestyle or dietary habits. However, they need not worry as many treatment options are available. Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam is a good option when it comes to getting treated for hair loss in south India.

What are the various methods of hair restoration treatment?

Hair transplant

A hair transplant surgery involves the transfer of hair follicles from areas of high density to the areas of low density. It is important to have a detailed discussion with the surgeon beforehand so that the diagnosis and the discussion about the surgery can be carried out. It will also include the determination of your eligibility for the procedure and marking out the donor and the recipient area.

Types of Hair Restoration Treatments

There are four types of hair transplants:

Micro Graft Hair Transplant

It involves processes to restore hair growth in minor areas like temples, hairline, and areas of low density. Usually, skin grafts of 1-3 follicles are grafted from the donor area to the recipient area. The density determines the number of grafts required by the patient along with the size which needs the transplanted hair. The procedure of Micro grafts requires minor sedation.

Mini Graft Hair Transplant

It is similar to micro grafts as it also uses grafts of 3-4 follicles per graft. It undertakes the transplant of 1500-3000 grafts or more. The procedure is best for areas with moderate hair growth. It is usually carried out for the scalp and the hairline areas.

Maxi Graft Hair Transplant

This procedure is used for treating areas with moderate hair fall. It involves the transfer of 12—13 hair follicles per graft. Balding scalps and crown area are best treated by this procedure.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

It involves the individual grafting of follicles into the scalp. In this case, each follicular unit contains four hair strands. It is a suitable technique for people who prefer short hairstyles. This procedure, however, requires the presence of high hair density at the back of the head, otherwise, the procedure can’t be implemented. FUE takes a longer time as compared to other procedures.

The procedure which suitable for you will be determined by the rate of hair loss progression, the budget of the patient, the degree of hair loss, postoperative discomfort and the recovery period.

Usually, surgeons combine several procedures to give favorable results. All these factors are usually discussed between the doctor and the surgeon in the initial consultation.

After eight to twelve weeks, the hair follicles will produce new hairs. One to four strands will grow out of each follicle. Some hair may not grow at this time. The remaining hair will grow after six months of the procedure. The results tend to vary from individual to individual.