What are the steps to remove scabs after hair transplant treatment?

What are the steps to remove scabs after hair transplant treatment?

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    What are the steps to remove scabs after hair transplant treatment?

    Always remember to get a hair transplant done by a qualified as well as an experienced surgeon. There are a lot more things to consider before undergoing a hair transplant.

    Hair transplant scabs

    Hair transplant scabs are aborn from the trauma that lay on the scalp because of small incisions while the surgeon is doing the grafting process. To heal this wound it takes some days. The formation of scabs starts after the 3rd day of post-surgery. Usually, scabs fall out within 7 to 14 days but it also depends upon the patient to patient and the number of hair grafts they are going to transplant. Scabs help in protecting the grafts of the person.

    Scabs with hair fall

    It is observed that hair grafts also fall from the scalp of the person when scabs start falling and this is known as the expected phase. But you should not get worried because new hair will start growing within 3 to 4 months. Scabs usually grow from 3 to 6 weeks and get shed.


    How can you clean the scabs?

    To clean the scabs, there are the following things which a person should do that are mentioned below:

    • After 72 hours of the surgery, the person should wash his scalp with baby shampoo.
    • To get rid of scabs you can also soak your head in the bathtub after putting water and baby oil in it.
    • You are not allowed to pick any scabs as it can displace the hair graft.
    • You can also spray the saline spraying on the scalp as it will not damage the graft.

    How to slough off scabs?

    • The patient can massage gently on the scabs without using nails on the scalp.
    • If your hair is falling then need not worry as it is a part of the recovery process.
    • You are not allowed to touch your scabs for the first week as it can harm your follicle beneath.
    • If you are experiencing any bleeding on the scalp then call the surgeon asap.
    • After 13 days post surgery, you are allowed to do a massage on your scalp with light hands.

    What are the precautionary measures?

    After undergoing a hair transplant person should take care of the scalp by following the instructions given by the doctor that is mentioned below:

    • You are not allowed to drink alcohol after undergoing hair transplant treatment for some time because it can thin your blood and harm the healing process.
    • You should avoid some medicines such as arthritis, vitamins, and ibuprofen. If you will not avoid then there are chances that you might experience bleeding.
    • You should take the prescribed medicines.
    • You should not do heavy workouts for a few weeks.
    • You should not use a blow dryer as they can harm your scalp.