What are the challenges and solutions related to hair transplant treatment?

    Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Hair loss problem has become very common which affect both men and women. Well, there are different causes which can trigger this issue. In that case, people always look for the best treatment which can treat the problem effectively and it should give them positive results. This is where the treatment of hair transplant has become very effective and it helps in dealing with the problem effectively without any issue.

    In the past few years, it has been seen that its demand is increasing a lot because of the way it provides. This is why the demand for Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam is increasing.

    No doubt, the process has changed a lot and got better. In this article, we will tell you the challenges related to the treatment and what are its solutions.

    • To transplant the hair follicles properly from one donor area to the recipient area it is essential that the proper method is done. Earlier when the grafts were transplanted it could leave a scar on the scalp. But now the way they are transplanted have made the scarring very minimal. The methods of FUE and FUT are very effective. The surgeon will let you know which procedure will be effective for you as every case is different.
    • Recently some surgeons have started using ECM (Extracellular matrix material) which helps in improving the wound. This was used by the orthopedic surgeon first but now in case of transplant surgery, it is also being used.
    • One of the major through the back is the process of understanding the male pattern hair loss. This was done by understanding the role of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Blocking the DHT can prevent the issue of hair fall and for that Finasteride is the best option available currently. But before using the medications make sure you know about the side effects and what complications it can lead to.
    • Some doctors have started using low-level laser therapy to make the hair regrow again. It has been seen that laser is proved very helpful for wound healing. For hair, the laser helps in stimulating the hair so that they can enter the Anagen phase again and stay there for a long time. But there is a problem that might affect hair growth and its characteristics.
    • In some cases, when the problem is very severe then it can be a problem. But in that case, the hair grafts are taken from other parts of the body and then they are transplanted on the scalp.

    For any query or if you want to more about the treatment then you should seek help from our surgeon to get the best treatment plan for your problem.

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