Tips for faster recovery of hair transplant surgery

What are 9 topmost recovery tips after hair transplant surgery for better results?

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    What are 9 topmost recovery tips after hair transplant surgery for better results?

    Here are some recovery tips, that will surely help you get the best results:

    Go with prescribed medications-:

    no doubt, you will surely experience little pain and discomfort immediately after the procedure. In this case, you must go with prescribed medications and lotions as well. However, you do not take any other medicine without the prescription of your specialist.

    Do not touch your scalp.

    Hair transplant in Visakhapatnam does not allow you to touch your scalp. Since it is too sensitive and touchy, so you must avoid touching it. Some people said that they want to want to feel hair growth, but you may not know that it will harm your hair follicles badly, and it may stop growth.

    Rub ice on your forehead

    This is necessary to reduce the risk of swelling on your scalp. Make sure, you rub ice only on the forehead, not on your transplanted scalp. In addition to this, you do not rub ice directly on your scalp, must wrap it in a cotton cloth and then rub gently on the forehead.

    Avoid the gym or exercise

    You must avoid the gym for at least 10 days after the surgery. Since gym activities lead you excess sweating, that is directly linked to irritation and itching. Itching and sweating are the main culprits behind this hair loss condition, so you must avoid exercise for several days.

    Take some days off from your work

    Proper rest is needed after the hair transplantation, so you must take some days off from your work. Well, this is not only beneficial to take rest but also protect your scalp from harmful environmental factors as well as direct sunlight.

    Stick to a healthy diet

    If you are a food lover and consume oily or spicy food too much, then you must avoid it. You must stick to a healthy diet because it will help you to recover faster. You should consume green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits because these consume every type of nutrient.

    Do not wash your hair right away after surgery.

    You must avoid washing your hair and scalp immediately after the surgery. It will harm hair follicles badly and prevents hair growth.

    Maintain a good position.

    It is strictly recommended that you must sleep in an Upright Position. And you must use two pillows or cushions and lay down with your head lifted.


    In order to get the best results to have to be patient. You have to wait for 6 months to one year for fuller hair growth. So don’t rush for quick results, this hair transplant is a completely safe and natural procedure, which takes time to show outcomes.