Thread Lifting technique

    A Thread Lifting technique can change your entire look

    Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Visakhapatnam: Thread lift in Vizag has become one of the effective method to rejuvenate the skin and resculpt the face in more glow and smoother touch.

    What is a thread lift technique?

    It is also called lunchtime face lift or weekend face lift. In this treatment, medical threads are made up of a soft material  which is dissolvable. The threads also stimulate fibro blasts to produce more natural collagen which creates tightening effect. There are in total three types of threads:

    • Mono thread: This is a type of single PDO filament which is smooth and has no harsh effects on the skin. The skin will be tightened after the new collagen starts from the process. Generally such type of thread is used for treating the neck areas, forehead lines and cheeks and fcial wrinkles.
    • Cog thread: These are with barbs around it which helps to deal with the sensitive tissue of the skin. This type of POD thread is able to improve the structure of the skin. It effectively promotes the skin tightening effect.
    • Screw thread: It is formed by inter twinning one or two mono threads. It has an efficient effect on giving the volume of sunken area in the face. Screw threads are often used for general face uplifting and increasing the volume which helps to attain the patient.

    Parts that are highly benefited due to this thread uplifting technique are :

    • The nose: The desired thread is inserted into the nose directly to improve the tip and sharpen the bridge. Once this is done, it creates a scaffolding structure that helps to lift the nose tip. The collagen production around the threads.
    • The forehead: Any visible wrinkles on the forehead will be treated effectively with the help of PDO threads. By giving volume to the forehead, screw threads will easily get rid of the bad patches of sun tanning in the skin.
    • The eyebrow: Many young people now a days have to deal with severe issues related to the skin. The inserted cog thread is effective to lift the sagging eyebrows. It also allows the patient to fully open their eyes without any problem.
    • The cheeks and chin: A V-line face shape can be easily attained with a thread lift treatment. The thread is inserted into the chin and cheeks to lighten and tighten the skin. It has a smooth and glowing effect.
    • The neck: The sagging skin on the neck can be easily pulled up and tighten. The thread lift technique can be performed in a combination with dermal filler or unnecessary fat. The results of this kind of thread lifting technique typically lasts between 18 to 24 months.

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