What is the need for undergoing the second session for hair transplant?

What is the need for undergoing the second session for hair transplant?

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    What is the need for undergoing the second session for hair transplant?


    Hair Transplant is the best treatment plan for dealing with hair loss once and for all. Undergoing the treatment will ensure that the final results are the best and it can help to solve the problem of excessive hair loss. No doubt, in most cases, one session is enough to get the desired results.

    But at times, there are some situations in which the person needs to get a second session to cover the problematic area.

    Additionally, a second session should only be started if the donor capacity is enough. Generally, a maximum of 2500 to 3000 grafts can be used in the second season. You are going to get the best results at the end of the second years and you must wait for 2 years to get the second treatment session.

    Some patients are often impatient and they do not take much care to see the effective results. The second session is held frequently at the end of the first year.

    Topmost reasons to get the second session for Hair Transplant

    • Results are good but not that dense

    Your final results might be good which means you can see the hair growth which looks natural. But the results are not that dense. To solve the issue, you need to get a second session of the treatment for fuller results of natural-looking hair.

    • Specific areas need to be corrected

    Sometimes there are specific cases, in which the bald spots need to be fixed. To solve the issue you need to undergo a second session of treatment.

    • Fixing the crown area

    Sometimes, there can be problems with the crown area. In that case, you need to undergo the treatment to correct the issue.

    • Results are not what you want to have

    In some cases, the final results are not what you are looking for. You must undergo the second session to get the desired natural-looking results.

    • Baldness issue can trigger in some areas

    Sometimes you might need it. From time to time, you can have bald areas and there can be the issue of dense hair. So, you should face any issue to undergo a second session.

     Avoid the second season in certain cases

    If your donor area is weak, unsuitable, and thin then you need to avoid the second session. If the scalp circulatory system is not sufficient then the transplanted hair follicles will not be fed from the veins and the transplanted hair is not going to come as effectively as you want them. In case there is an issue of patch-style opening then you should avoid getting a second session.