Combining hair transplant technique

What are the pros and cons of combining hair transplant techniques?

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    What are the pros and cons of combining hair transplant techniques?

    Over the past many years, the technique of hair transplant has evolved a lot. The techniques are very helpful in restoring strong and shiny hair. Well, there are 2 methods of hair transplantation FUE and FUT which gives effective results.

    In some cases, both these methods are combined to get successful results. Even its results have been proved very effective to treat the issue of hair loss.

    If both these options are combined then the total number of sessions which are required for hair transplantation is reduced. It means, in a single session, a large number of hair follicles can be extracted and transplanted where hair growth is very less. Below we have mentioned the pros and cons of using the hair transplantation methods in a single session.


    Advantages- Combining FUE & FUT gives better results

    • No doubt, the convenience factor is there with combining the procedures. The patients should keep in mind there is also the possibility to get long-lasting results and hair growth will be better.

    This is the reason, people are opting for Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam because of the hair growth. If you are looking to get the surgery then you should contact our surgeon and they will let you know more about the procedure.

    • There are 2 specific conditions in which the treatment can be proven very beneficial. The first option is when the graft requirement is more to transplant them to the recipient area of the scalp. It means you might be more than one session to see the potential results you are looking for. However, when the procedures are combined it will help to see the effective results in a single session and straight after that, the recovery process will start.
    • When you get multiple procedures, it will take time and at times it can be very stressful. You need a lot of time to recover from the surgery which means you need off from your workplace.

    But when the procedures are combined it will be less stressful and also the downtime will be less. This is the best option for patients who are suffering from advanced hair loss and typically they need multiple sessions to get the problem corrected.

    • Combining the procedures will help in yielding better results which last for a long time.



    • Well, just like everything has their downside, same goes with this process. Mostly every surgery has their potential risk which your doctor tells you when you visit them for consultation. Same goes with combining the procedure of hair transplant.
    • As two procedures are combined which means the time taken to perform the surgery will increase.
    • One thing is that in FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), the strip is removed from the scalp which will leave a scar on the scalp. Choosing the skilled surgeon will help to minimize the scar appearance.