What things you should keep in mind before getting the treatment?

Laser hair removal Tips: What things you should keep in mind before getting the treatment?

Laser hair removal Tips: What things you should keep in mind before getting the treatment?

Women already have so many things on the beauty maintenance list. No doubt, visiting a salon every month is time-consuming as well as expensive. For this, you can get laser hair removal treatment which is very effective and efficient results.

following is the list Laser Hair Removal Tips that you should kept in mind before proceed

  • The process is not painful

It might sound painful and most patients are scared that they will feel pain while getting the treatment. During the procedure, a beam of laser penetrates from the device and it damages the hair follicles. The pain is described as the snapping of the elastic band on the skin.

  • You have to be patient

The process is not completed in a single session. You have to visit the doctor for at least 8 to 12 treatments to see the final results. Additionally, the hair growth cycle also affects the results. In some cases, after the first session, the hair grows thick and they are visible. In that case, you have to visit the doctor for the second session. In the same way, body hair transplantation is determined on the growth of hair. If you want to get the treatment of hair transplant in India then you should visit our clinic.

  • Shave the area before the procedure

The patient has to shave the area before getting laser hair removal. For best results, shave the area one day before undergoing the procedure. If you don’t then the doctor will do it before starting the treatment so that unwanted hair is removed.

  • Avoid the sun or tanning products

For best results, you should stay away from the sun for at least one month. No doubt, science, and technology have advanced so much. But undergoing the treatment with sunburned skin or with the use of tanned products is not recommended. Even after the laser treatment, you have to be cautious about sun exposure.

  • The procedure is very quick

Getting a laser treatment is very fast which means you don’t have to sit for hours in the doctor’s clinic. The entire procedure takes around 20 minutes, it might take longer to treat the legs area. Moreover, you can go back to your normal working routine after the procedure.

  • Can’t go to the gym

You have to wait for at least 24 hours to visit the gym, saunas, or hot showers. If you don’t, then it increases the chances of bacteria to grow and you will see spots on the treated area.

  • Avoid the use of beauty products

2 days before the treatment, avoid the use of scrubs, glycolic acid, and retinol. Similarly, avoid chemical peels before and after the surgery for at least 2 weeks. Additionally, if you want to use tanning products after the procedure than wait for at least one to two weeks.

  • Can’t get laser treatment around the eyes

For safety reasons, laser treatment cannot be performed around the eyes. Even during the procedure, the patient is given safety goggles to protect the eyes.

  • Avoid waxing or plucking

At least one month before the procedure you should not pluck or wax the area. This will affect the results and laser cannot destroy the hair properly. Avoid the use of any hair dying products also.