Is a shaved head important to undergo the treatment of an FUE hair transplant?

Is a shaved head important to undergo the treatment of an FUE hair transplant?

Is a shaved head important to undergo the treatment of an FUE hair transplant?


FUE is the method of hair restoration that corrects the issue of male and female pattern baldness. Also, this can address the hair loss issue which occurs due to many other conditions. Many people have a concern regarding whether they need to shave their heads before getting the treatment. With the technological advancement, it has made it possible to perform the surgery with little to no shaving which means non-shave technique. So, with a hair transplant, you can undergo the treatment without the need to shave the scalp.

How does FUE treatment work?

During FUE, the surgeon uses the back and side of the scalp which is known as the donor site. The hair grafts are taken from that area combining 1, 2, 3, and sometimes even 4 healthy hair follicles are taken.

The surgeon uses a small punch tool to take the hair grafts. It leaves tiny holes on the extraction site that will heal up, and they are tiny dot scars that are not visible with naked eyes.

The hair extracted from the back of the scalp which grows permanently on the problematic part of the scalp. If the hair growth is less than the surgeon might extract the hair follicles from the chest, beard, and back that is known as BHT (Body hair transplant). The hair grafts are placed into the tiny recipient sites that are made in that part of the scalp where hair growth is extremely less.

Is it important to shave or not to shave?

With the no-shave technique, it is possible to leave most of the hair on the side and back of the scalp. The hair that is extracted is trimmed short. Undergoing this surgical procedure means, the patient does not have to worry about shaving the scalp. Another person is not going to tell you that you have undergone the surgery as there are no visible signs that you have undergone the surgery.

 How do I prepare for the surgery?

If you decide to undergo an FUE hair transplant to restore the hair growth. You need to consult the surgeon, and he will diagnose your reason for hair loss. The person must stop taking medications because at times it can result in complications with the surgery. To assure you heal smoothly and get the best possible results you need to give your doctor all the information.

Consulting the experienced and skilled surgeon

Make sure that you research and once you are sure then only make the final choice. Ask the surgeon to look for before and after pictures as this will give you an idea what were the outcomes.