Hair Transplant Treatment: How much are the 2000 hair grafts?

Hair Transplant Treatment: How much are the 2000 hair grafts?

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    Hair Transplant Treatment: How much are the 2000 hair grafts?

    Hair loss is one of the nerve-wracking conditions spreading like a wayfire around the globe. Individuals searching for one of the best hair fall treatments often struggle and try their best to determine the most satisfactory possible solution. In the search for the treatment plan: The most effective choice is a Hair transplant in Andhra Pradesh. Undergoing the treatment helps the individuals transform their hair locks with desired hair growth on a permanent and natural basis.

    Now, as you begin your journey of  Hair transplant in Vizag, the surgeon will check: ‘How many hair grafts are required?’ One of the requirements for hair grafts is around: 2000 Hair grafts. But what does that mean?

    Did you know?

    The hair graft used for hair transplantation treatment stands for ‘Hair follicles.’

    On average, the hair graft has around 2 to 3 strands. For 2000 hair grafts, the approximate hair follicle count is about 5000 to 6500. The total count of hair grafts depends on the initial examination and adequately understanding your hair loss condition.

    To know if your hair loss state needs 2000 grafts hair transplant or more, our hair restoration surgeon performs an initial evaluation and then figures out how to proceed further with your treatment plan. The surgeon thoroughly checks the total number of hair grafts needed to cover the bald spots effectively.

    The total number of grafts required varies from person to person

    No two people are the same. So, how is it possible the hair transplant treatment required is the same for two individuals struggling with hair loss? The hair characteristics are different for every patient, so determining the same allows one to have a better idea of which treatment plan to get and how many grafts. Along with hair characteristics, the other possible factors to be checked include:

    • Scalp laxity
    • Hair density
    • Facial characteristics
    • General aesthetic requirement

    The doctor thoroughly determines your hair loss classification level and then tells you about the necessary treatment plan.

    Which type of hair transplant treatment do I need?

    The type of hair transplant you need depends on your hair loss condition and which procedure seems fine for your hair loss state. The doctor chooses the method from the following and even asks you about your suggestion:

    No matter which hair transplant type the doctor suggests, permanent and natural-looking results are possible with both the treatment options.

    Can a hair transplant fail?

    A hair transplant is an advanced and modern-based treatment performed with the expertise of a hair restoration surgeon. Those who fall for the ‘Cheap Hair Transplant’ advertisement or miss out on the initial consultation with the surgeon.

    Ensure not to make this mistake and consult an experienced surgeon to seek all necessary information and make an informed choice. Under the expertise of a board-certified surgeon, you will get an effective and advanced hair transplant treatment plan.