What are the Hair transplant scabs and how to overcome this scabs problem?

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    What are the Hair transplant scabs and how to overcome this scabs problem?

    Hair transplant Dwaraka Nagar: Hair transplant surgery is designed for those who are suffering from hair loss. Well, there are several causes of hair loss such as hormonal changes, genetic factors, cancer or cancer treatment, certain medications, health conditions, and so on.

    In these conditions, you must undergo hair transplant in Visakhapatnam, because this is a completely safe and secure procedure that will give you the best results. However, many people ask us about hair transplant scabs and what are they, also how to get rid of them.

    What are hair transplant scabs?

    Well, hair transplant scabs are those which occurred on the scalp while grafting due to the small addition to this, these are usually formed on the third day after hair transplantation, and also takes several days to heal. Basically, these fall off within 15 days but in some conditions these last long, that depends on the density and size of the incision, additionally a number of grafts as well. You may experience hair fall with scabs, in this condition you must talk to a doctor.

    Let’s understand hair fall with scabs.

    How to clean and get rid of hair transplant scabs after the procedure?

    There are several ways to clean the hair transplant scabs after getting the procedure. This include-:

    • You must start using baby shampoo because this is specially made to get rid of scabs for sensitive skin as well.
    • It is necessary to soak your head for some time in the bathtub with baby oil or shampoo and water so that scabs can fall out.
    • Do not even try to pick up scabs, because this will hurt you and harm your hair grafts as well.
    • You can also go with saline spray for faster healing, but make sure to use it with the doctor’s prescription.
    • It is essential to massage the scabs gently without the help of nails or any sharp product.
    • As we stated above do not even try to remove scab with your hands because these will lead to hair follicle damage.
    • If you experience bleeding or discomfort, then directly talk to a doctor as soon as possible.
    • Do not forget to massage scabs daily, because this will help them to fall out easily.

    Moreover, you must avoid alcohol and other illegal drugs after surgery because these lead to the poor healing process. You must go with those pain relievers, antibiotics, and prednisone, which are prescribed by a surgeon. At last, do not touch your scalp again and again, because it is too sensitive and touchy.