Hair Loss: Why do Women experience Hair fall after giving birth to a child?

Hair loss is not an uncommon problem because ladies also experience this after pregnancy. This happens due to hormonal changes, and because of these changes, your hair goes into the resting phase. Resting phase means you will surely experience the hair fall for at least 3 months.

But even when you experience more hair loss then you must contact the specialist so that he can offer you the right treatment option for this type of hair loss. But first of all, you need to understand the reasons behind this condition. He may suggest your hair transplant in Visakhapatnam, because of better results and natural looking hair growth.

There are several reasons behind hair loss after the pregnancy include:

Unhealthy food

Some ladies do not eat proper and healthy food after the pregnancy which leads to hair fall. And this type of hair loss can only be treated with a healthy and balanced diet. So, it is necessary to eat a healthy and balanced diet full of minerals, fibers, proteins, and vitamins because these nutrients are useful for hair growth.

Hormonal changes

This is the main reason behind hair loss after pregnancy. This happens due to the sudden decline in estrogen hormone. This is the main hormone which maintains the hair follicles and healthy hair growth as well. This is normal in every lady so there is no need to worry about anything. You can notice hair growth back after 3-4 months, which is not a tensed condition.


PCOS is known as polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is a type of Endocrine disorder. Due to this condition, ladies start experiencing hair fall in pregnancy period and after the delivery. In addition to this, this PCOS condition leads to abnormalities of hormones in the woman’s ovaries. And because of these abnormalities, you experience high levels of androgens and Dihydrotestosterone that cause hair loss after the pregnancy.

Other Causes of Hair Loss

There are several other causes of hair loss such as genetic reasons, which means your family member had or has this type of hair loss. This is additionally known as hereditary hair loss or female pattern baldness. In this condition, you need to visit the hair loss specialist so that you can get rid of hair fall problem.

How to treat hair fall pregnancy?

There are several ways to treat hair fall after the delivery or pregnancy. These include-:

  • Don’t apply so many heat products on your hair or scalp in order to style your hair.
  • You should use the best and quality shampoo for hair growth. And stop using cheap products in order to wash your hair.
  • As we mentioned above, you must stick to a healthy and balanced diet full of nutrients.
  • Go with the right amount of vitamins which are useful for hair growth.

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