Hair Loss: which doctor is the best for treating it?

Hair Loss: which doctor is the best for treating it?

Hair Loss: which doctor is the best for treating it?

Hair Loss: which doctor is the best for treating it?

As you see the early signs of hair loss, which doctor should you go to? No doubt, hair loss has become a common phenomenon, with millions of people in its clutches.  You can opt for a number of remedial measures ranging from oils, shampoos, serums to various hair restoration methods. With a lot of medical treatments available for balding, it is crucial that you select the right physician to provide the best possible recourse.

Reasons For Hair Loss

Before zeroing on the right doctor to get rid of your hair loss, it is essential to know the reasons for hair loss, both in men and women. The causes will help in finding out the solution, of course. The hair loss may be a manifestation of many factors which could be biological or physical. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Genes-Your hair loss may be happening due to hereditary reasons.
  1. Personal and professional Stress –Stressful conditions can lead to hair loss.
  1. An event which caused a lot of stress- A particular event which causes immense physical or emotional stress can be a major reason for hair loss.
  1. Poor eating habits-Poor nutrition increases the rate of hair loss.
  1. Skin problems-Some conditions of the skin might trigger hair loss.
  1. The side effect of some medicines-Some medications also leads to hair loss.

Who to visit if you have Alopecia?

Hair stylists-Though not medically qualified, they can help you notice your receding hairline and diminishing hair volume.

Trichologists -They are the professionals who have studied hair and scalp health, but not all of them have the certified authority to act like medical professionals. A hair loss clinic is the best option to avail in case of hair loss.

Endocrinologists are the medical professionals who deal with the hormones and the endocrine system. Hair loss is often connected to hormonal imbalance thus a person experiencing problems with hair growth must visit an endocrinologist. But it should be noted that they don’t specialize in hair restoration techniques.


Yet another set of medical professionals who are concerned with your skin, hair, and nails are dermatologists. A qualified dermatologist is the best bet when it comes to diagnosing the exact cause of hair loss and the recommended treatment.

Why would you like to visit a hair transplant specialist?

Hair transplant is a process in which the hair follicles are transferred from the donor area to the recipient area. The area of the head still rich in hair is called the donor area and the area of the head which has minimum hair growth is called the recipient area. The hair follicles can be transferred from the donor area to the recipient area as a result of which the hair growth is revived.

A hair transplant surgeon is a licensed physician who is well trained in the surgical process of hair transplant. They usually undergo rigorous training before they are certified for conducting such procedures. They are also trained in using medications and other hair restoration techniques such as laser therapy. They are constantly upgrading themselves with new techniques and technologies which help in enhancing the hair restoration process.