What are the reasons behind hair loss? Explain the Myths About Baldness?

    Hair loss is a common problem in both genders across the world. This is the condition which leads to bald spots or baldness over time if you are unable to treat this condition. This hair fall health condition can cause because of many factors, for example, genetic factors, stress, overstyling, smoking, hormonal changes, poor nutrition, and certain types of medications.

    In addition, these are the conditions which vary from person to person as per the reason behind their condition. In this way, they will go with many types of medication but they do not give them permanent results. In this way, hair transplant in India is the best choice because it will give more natural and permanent results as well with this surgery.

    Reasons behind hair loss condition

    Hormonal changes

    This condition is common in many people due to childbirth, pregnancy, and some other things. This is the condition in which a person may experience permanent or temporary hair loss.

    Medical conditions

    Medical conditions include scalp infection, alopecia areata, and trichotillomania. These conditions can lead you to patchy spots and excessive hair loss. In addition, certain types of medications are also responsible for this hair loss health condition such as heart problems, high blood pressure, and cancer. Cancer treatment which is known as chemotherapy also leads to hair fall condition.

    Hairstyles and cheap hair products

    Certain hairstyles and cheap hair products can lead to excessive hair loss. Which can only be treated with the help of the surgical process. You should only use the best quality hair products such as shampoo and conditioner.  You can also avoid using heating products, for example, hair straighteners, and curling rods.

    Deep stress

    Deep stress and depression also lead to many health conditions, in which hair loss is the primary condition. You have to manage stress in order to grow your hair properly.

    Common Myths about baldness

    Baldness only experience by old people

    No, baldness is not only the problem of old people. Additionally, the majority of young people also suffer from this condition because of genetic factors or bad hairstyling habits.

    Wearing a hat makes hair fall out

    Not true, not all hats cause hair loss, but only dirty caps which you do not clean from several days. In this way, your hat encounter dirt and other germs which can cause scalp infection and then you experience hair loss.

    Excessive carbohydrates cause hair loss

    This is only a myth that carbohydrates cause hair loss, only the deficiency of protein and iron and lead to hair fall. But excessive consumption of carbohydrates can lead to many other health problems, you should avoid them.

    You experience baldness from mother side if you have genetic hair loss

    No, this is not true because many people face this problem due to genetic factors but not only from mother side also from father side.

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