Hair Botox: How effective and safe is it?

Hair Botox: How effective and safe is it?

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    Hair Botox: How effective and safe is it?

    Aging manifests in a variety of forms: wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of elasticity. The super conscious who don’t want to be spotted with wrinkles often opt for botox treatment for their skin. The treatment helps in erasing away the fine lines. But have you heard about using Botox for the hair? It might be unheard but it is very much a method in use for reviving lackluster hair. Just as aging influences our skin, it influences our hair too. We notice that our hair loses volume and elasticity as we age.  Of course,  Hair Transplant is the last resort if you witness a serious depletion in the quantity of hair on your head and no therapy seems to work on it.

    What is actually hair botox?

    Hair botox actually doesn’t contain any botox content. The toxin called botulinum which provides miraculous results when injected into the skin is actually not used in hair botox treatment. It actually contains hair products which have the same effect on hair as botox has on the skin.

    What are the effects of hair botox?

    Hair Botox is actually a method to deep condition the hair. It fills the hair fibers with a filler called keratin. Any broken or thin area gets treated with this filler and the result is a head full of thick and shiny strands. The ingredients used also differ according to the specific products chosen for the treatment. While certain companies use Intra Cyclone, some others use a mixture of some oils and vitamins along with collagen.

    Who is eligible for hair botox use?

    People with frizzy, damaged hair make the ideal candidates. People with thin, lackluster hair devoid of volume and damaged by split ends can also avail this facility to rejuvenate their hair. People who wish to get their hair straightened can also opt for this treatment.

    Application of hair botox

    Botox for hair doesn’t make use of any kind of injections. Instead, the treatment begins with shampooing. This step opens up the cuticles which make it easier to condition the hair. This is followed by the application of hair botox. The hair botox is applied by massaging the hair from the root to the tips. The treatment is left in the hair(usually wet) for one and a half hours. At some centers, the product is rinsed off before drying and straightening. Others prefer to rinse the hair after the drying and straightening to let it penetrate deep into the hair. The person will notice a remarkable change in the quality of hair as soon as it dries up.

    Efficacy of hair Botox

    Hair Botox is a popular trend and many home treatments are also available but it is difficult to ascertain their quality. It is best to visit a trusted salon for the treatment. A reputed hair stylist will know where he is getting his products from.


    It is a comparatively safe treatment but does carry the hazard of an allergic reaction. It is best to avoid the contact of the products with the skin.