What are the various ways to get rid of scabs after hair transplantation

    What are the various ways to get rid of scabs after hair transplantation?

    What are Scabs for Hair Transplant? How to clear the scabs after transplanting hair? 

    First of all, having a hair transplant performed by a good surgeon and at the right clinic is always really necessary. Likewise, aftercare and precautions are important, too. Most patients are very uncertain about hair transplant scabs, how they can be cleaned etc. Let’s just see what the scabs are.

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    What are hair transplant scabs?

    • Because of the minor incisions when grafting, hair transplant scabs are born from injuries caused on the scalp.

    • This wound needs a couple of days to continue healing.

    • The scabs tend to develop on the 3rd or 4th day itself following surgery, but they are closely bound to the scalp at this point in time.

    • Such scabs usually fall off within 2 weeks and rely on the number of hair grafts as well as the quality and scale of the incisions.

    • Scabs are beneficial to protect your newly transplanted grafts.

    Where to clean the scabs after transplanting hair?

    • Using baby shampoo, 72 hours after the operation, you will start washing your hair.

    • You should even spray your head with water and baby oil in the sun, to make the scabs slough off.

    • Please do not try to take scabs, as this action can affect your hair graft. So you just pat them gently.

    • The doctor sometimes recommends saline spraying to help the healing process, because it does not affect your newly transplanted grafts.

    • In this method, you can softly rub the scabs underwater without using the aid of the fingers.

    • It is natural to fall off any of the scalps, as long as there is no bleeding.

    • Don’t try to remove the scabs early as it can damage the follicle below. Hold this intact for the first week.

    • Let the scabs dry off on their own, and call the doctor immediately in case of any bleeding.

    How do I look after Hair Transplant?

    • After the surgery, you need to avoid any type of drug including alcohol for a few days as it will thin your blood and hamper the healing process.

    • For the first two days, you can take medicines like supplements, ibuprofen, and inflammation, because they will thin the blood and induce unnecessary bleeding.

    • Take prescription medications as per the instructions of your surgeon such as pain relievers, antibiotics, and prednisone.

    • Avoid one week of Intense physical exercise, as it leads you to excessive sweating.

    • Seek to keep the upper body portion uplifted.

    • In case of minor leakage, using a wet, clean cloth to apply gentle pressure.

    • Do not use warm air for a minimum of 5 days after surgery to try your hair.

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