Hair Transplant: What are the different factors that influence the cost of hair transplant surgery?

    With the advancement in technology and technique, the demand for hair transplant has risen tremendously. Many people are not only choosing this treatment to treat the problem of hair fall or baldness but also to alter their hairline. But one question which comes to everyone’s mind is that ‘how much the hair transplant surgery cost?’. There are many things which influence the overall cost of the surgery.  Here are some factors which will determine the overall cost of the surgery.

    • Qualification of the surgeon

    One of the most important things is that the surgeon you choose should be qualified and he should have done his proper training. If the surgeon has done proper training it will reduce the risk also and it also determines the cost of the surgery. Hair Transplant Cost is affordable as compared to other places.

    • Experience of the surgeon

    Another thing will affect the cost is the surgeon who selected should be experienced. It is important that you select a hair surgeon who has at least 5 years of experience. You should ask the hair surgeon how much cases of hair restoration he has done successfully. No doubt, this will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the results as well as reduce the potential risk.

    • Number of graft

    In India, the cost of the graft is between Rs 25 to 100. When you first visit the doctor he will first calculate the grafts with graft calculator. This is essential as it will determine how much area is affected and need treatment. So, this factor also influences the cost of the entire procedure.

    • Area of baldness

    Another factor which directly influences the cost is the degree of baldness. If the bald area is more (the hair growth is very less) than it will also increase the number of grafts required in one session.

    • The technique used in the procedure

    There are two methods which provide effective results of the surgery FUE and FUT. Both the methods are efficient and results are natural whichever method you choose or the doctor advice. FUE is expensive as compared to FUT because it used the latest technology and technique to perform the hair restoration procedure.

    On the other hand, FUT provides transplant of a large number of grafts in a single session because in this method a strip of hair is removed from the scalp and then transplanted to the affected area. Whereas in FUE, the hair follicles are transplanted one by one on the affected area. That is why this method is a little bit costly. So, if you are concerned about the budget than go for FUT. It is best if your first consult the doctor and then decide which method you want to go for.

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