Explain the surgical process and steps of hair transplant procedure?

Men and women both suffer from the problem of hair loss. For this, the treatment of hair transplant is very helpful as its results are very effective.

Methods of hair transplant

  • Follicular Unit Extraction: In FUE, the hair follicles are taken from the scalp individually. Once the grafts are extracted they will be placed where hair growth is very less. After the surgery, there will be no scar on the scalp there will be just a tiny dot which is not easily noticeable.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation: In FUT, a strip of hair is taken from the back of the scalp and it will be transplanted where hair growth is very less. After the surgery, it leaves a linear scar on the scalp which is noticeable.

But no matter what which method you choose or the doctor recommends the results are permanent and the hair growth is natural. In case you want the treatment you should consult the doctor for Hair Transplant in Vizag.

Various steps in the hair transplant

  • Preparing for the treatment

During the hair transplant surgery, the hair follicles are taken from the donor area so that they can be transplanted on the balding area.

  • The donor area is trimmed

Before the surgery, the donor area hair is trimmed.

  • Preparing the donor area

Once the hair is trimmed from the back of the scalp, the patient is given local anesthesia.

  • The donor area is stitched

The hair follicles which are healthy and strong are taken from the donor area with the surgical process. Once the follicles are extracted the donor area is sutured.

  • The sutured area is combed over

The stitches in the donor area are hidden by the existing hair. At least ten days after the surgery the stitches will be removed.

  • Preparing the bald area

After that, the bold area which is the recipient area is prepared for the procedure.

  • Incisions in the bald area

The grafts are placed in the bald area by making tiny incisions.

  • Placing the grafts

According to the hair density the hair is placed on the scalp which helps the hair to grow naturally.

  • After the surgery

Once the surgery is complete, it leaves tiny incisions on the scalp. In case, if you cut your hair short then they will be visible.

Recovery process

After the surgery, there will be a scar on the scalp which needs to be taken care of properly. Keep in mind that you should not touch the scalp so that the wound does not get affected. There will be swelling and inflammation in the treated area for some days. Make sure you follow the doctor advice properly and follow the prescription.

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