Case studies on the time taken for the hair to grow after the procedure

Case studies on the time taken for the hair to grow after the procedure

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    Case studies on the time taken for the hair to grow after the procedure

    The time taken for the growth of the implanted hair follicles is considerably different in all the cases. Hair transplant in Vizag has experienced variegated results as far as the growth time is concerned. So today we are going to acquaint you with some of our patients who have gone through the hair transplantation surgery and whose cases are quintessentially different from one another.

    • Case 1:

    There was a patient whose name was Radhe Sham. He has earlier gone through the Follicular Unit Extraction from some other clinic. But his transplantation did not emerge to be successful because it was carried out by the non-skilled doctors. So when he approached us through a referral, we guided him about what is to be done with his case. The predominant problem which we pointed out in his case was, the donor area had very thin hair. The thinning aspect of the hair follicles associates itself with the following problems:

    • Patchy hair
    • Unnatural look

    After a thorough examination of the donor area by our experienced team of surgeons, we decided to use some other area as the donor zone. We assessed the hair grafts of the donor area and our research assured that the hair follicles were fit to be used. When the whole stratagem was performed, we cautioned him about the preponderant do’s and don’ts after the surgical procedure. He followed them. What we experienced is the hair follicles began to grow after 4 months.

    • Case 2:

    There was another patient whose name was Vansh Singhania. He was only 23 years old. He suffered from terrible hair loss. It was causing a significantly adverse effect on his personality. So he visited us. He was so eager to take up the procedure that he told us not to undergo any pre-operation test and carry out the stratagem at his earliest. But we couldn’t go against the rules and treat the patient who is not qualifying the eligibility criteria. We guided him to follow some of the remedies instead of undertaking some procedure because he was not satisfying the eligibility criteria because of his age. As we all know, the patient should be 25 years of age if he wants to undergo hair restoration. He was so desperate that he approached some other clinic and God knows, how he underwent the procedure at that age.

    But he approached us again after 2 years when he was 25. He said that he underwent a procedure and it caused an even worsening effect on his bald area. His bald area was full of dark shaded patches. We treated him after he had passed the eligibility tests. We tried our best to restore the hair with good volume and density. We aimed at allaying the shade of the patches. Within 6 months, he had full-fledged dense hair which he was flaunting with utmost confidence. We not only succeeded in carrying out the procedure but we also helped the boy regain his self-esteem.

    Final Thoughts

    So it is essential to satisfy the eligibility criteria and to take up the procedure from trained doctors, otherwise, the consequences will be worse.