Hair transplants everything you need to know

Before proceeding Hair transplants Things You Need to Know

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    Before proceeding Hair transplants Things You Need to Know

    A complete guide on hair transplant

    For the people who undergo the problem of hair fall and have opted for hair transplant as a solution to the problem of hair fall, they have a lot of questions in their mind. And having such questions and queries is very genuine, as a person is going to spend so much on this hair transplant and also he is much concerned about his problem, so it is very obvious that a person will have a lot of questions in his mind before taking up hair transplant surgery.

    Types of Hair transplant:

    Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)

    Strips of tissues are removed from the donor area of the scalp of the person, these strips are cut into small follicular units by the doctor. The doctor then makes tiny cuts on the scalp to place these grafts, hence hair is transferred from the region where the growth of hair is adequate that is the donor area to the region where the growth of hair is less or where there is no growth of hair at all that becomes recipient area.

    Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

    More people opt for follicular unit extraction because of an obvious reason that this method of hair transplant leaves fewer scars on the scalp if it is compared to follicular unit transplantation. Under this method, the hair follicles that are extracted from the donor area of the patient are transferred to the recipient area with the help of a very small surgical needle. Basically, the donor area from where the hair follicles are extracted is the back of the neck of the person. Because of this reason people opt for follicular unit extraction more in comparison to follicular unit transplantation.

    Whatever may be the method of hair transplant, the hair transplant takes almost two to three weeks for showing the results. In maximum cases proper growth of hair or the proper results are usually seen after a couple of months, say around 6 to 9 months. So a person must be patient enough to see the actual results of hair transplant.

    Many people are curious to know about the side effects of hair transplant. As we all know that every process everything has certain advantages as well as disadvantages. So does the process of hair transplant also have certain disadvantages.

    The disadvantages of hair transplant are:

    As soon as the hair transplant surgery is done for the first few days the person will notice or experience the following problems:

    • Tightness in the scalp
    • Pain or ache in the scalp
    • Swelling in the scalp
    • Some type of scabbing which is temporary
    • For the first few days, a person may find difficulty in sleeping


    All such are the problems that people may face while undergoing hair transplant surgery, but these are nothing to be worried about and are very common. With the passage of time, these problems will also be eliminated and the person will be back to normal. But yes for sometime person may feel some discomfort after the hair transplant. It is good news for we Indians that hair transplant in India has also been common.