Answer the important Question about Micro Scalp Pigmentation hair fall treatment

    What is Micro Scalp Pigmentation?

    This is a kind of non-surgical hair fall treatment, which is additionally known as tattooing form of hair fall treatment. People who are unable to get a hair transplant in Visakhapatnam, take this treatment to improve their appearance.

    Well, hair fall is the most common condition, which is experienced by several people these days. People with excessive hair fall usually undergo hair transplantation surgical treatment.

    Micro Scalp Pigmentation, which is performed under certain conditions such as:

    • cancer
    • alopecia
    • thinning hair
    • male and female pattern baldness

    In this condition, your surgeon injects the specialized hypoallergenic pigments to the dermal layer of the scalp, to improve your natural appearance. This procedure is also worked with natural hair patterns so that you can get the permanent results along with natural hair growth. This treatment option is best for both male and female, who are suffering from hair thinning and baldness as well.

    Is MSP the same as microblading?

    The microblading is a type of micro pigmentation, and this treatment option is not similar to MSP. It has certain differences to Micro Scalp Pigmentation. In which, microblading is performed with the help of a blade whereas, Micro Scalp Pigmentation is a form of tattooing and performs with the help of specialist tattoo tools and needles. In addition to this, In MSP, your surgeon first makes the dotted lines and in Microblading Fines lines are created.

    What things need to keep in mind while choosing the MSP specialist?

    • The first and main thing is to consider, that you must check the education, experience, and training of the technician.
    • Secondly, you must check whether he has a valid license or not to perform this type of treatment.
    • Whether he knows the importance of hygiene needles or tools to perform the MSP. If not then do not go with him, because he has no ability to give you desired results.

    Is there any need for special aftercare after getting MSP?

    Well, the aftercare of MSP is easy and you do not need to follow something special to recover from this treatment. However, you need to keep your scalp dry all the time. In addition, you must avoid certain physical activities that lead you to excessive sweating because sweating is responsible for itching and hair-pulling. Also, you must use a gentle cleanser to clean your scalp during aftercare, so that you cannot face any problem.

    Is it a permanent solution to hair fall?

    Yes, this treatment option offers you long-lasting results but you have to give little care to your hair and scalp too. You must protect your hair and scalp from direct sun exposure because UV rays are harmful to the skin as well as hair. You must try to wear a hat or sunscreen when you are going outside.

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