All You Need to Know: A Guide to Hair Transplantation in Vizag

    Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Hair loss is a condition in which the patient starts losing hair at an alarming rate. We all lose some hair daily. However, if we start losing hair at a rapid rate, we will end up losing all our hair. It results in baldness if we don’t take enough care to resolve the issue. There are many techniques available for reviving your hair growth.

    There are some natural remedies that work for some. Medications may also show results for some people. There are many clinics that offer the service but one has to be careful about selecting the clinic and the surgeon. Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam is a great choice if you live in south India.

    Why choose Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre?

    The question is raised many times as hair transplant is something which involves a lot of time, money and use of your donor resources. You should choose wisely otherwise you will need up losing your valuable assets, some of which cannot be replenished. A look at the following points will make you realize the advantages of choosing Dr. VJ’s clinic.

    Low cost

    If you are looking for a reasonable choice then Dr. VJ’s clinic is a favorable option. While many clinics in the country (and overseas) charge a hefty amount for the surgery, you will be delighted to know that our rates are quite reasonable and well within the reach of the common man.

    Strict adherence to the medical guidelines

    Every medical procedure must follow the strict guidelines formulated for it. However, many clinics overlook them and opt to function in a way profitable to them. We take full care that our equipment is properly sterilized before use. We also make sure that all the apparatus is properly decontaminated according to the international standards. Last but not the least we ensure that our doctors are certified by the best institutes, hold a lot of experience and are highly reliable.

    Highly accredited

    Our clinic has been accredited by various certification authorities as we have been rendering quality treatment services for a long time. Our, accreditation and strict adherence to guidelines is the reason why many patients flock to us for their hair transplant.

    Competent Doctors

    It is one of the main advantages that we have some of the most competent doctors in the nation working with us. They are individuals with high professional ethics, excellent educational credentials and passionate dedication to their profession. With such a level of medical expertise, one can only expect the best results.  The surgeons are required to carefully graft the follicles to ensure natural-looking and long-lasting results. It is not a surprise that our surgeon scores high when it comes to these expectations.

    Constantly evolving

    We believe that every day is a new beginning and every moment teaches new things. We constantly look towards the latest technical innovations which can be useful for our patients. We also train our doctors in new techniques so that we can offer the latest treatment method options to our esteemed clientele.

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