Hair Transplantation Surgery

Medical science has done many achievements in the last century and one of them is hair transplantation.  This surgical procedure of hair restoration started from the punch grafting and reached to the most advanced procedures, being practiced today. Hair transplant in India provides various options when it comes to the restoration methods to be used regardless of the extent of hair loss.


What Is Hair Transplantation Surgery?

It is the surgical procedure done to restore the lost hair follicles for permanent basis.  This procedure is performed under the local anesthesia so that patient could have painless and comfortable treatment and the application of anesthesia has been administered to prevent any kind of contraction in any case.

Then the loss resistant hair follicles are selected carefully and then transplanted in the bald portions as per selected method for the surgery.

In India alone, the more than 1000 hair transplant procedures are performed on both local and foreign patients due to the increase of hair loss

A hair transplant will leave you fully satisfied due to the natural and aesthetic benefits of hair transplant procedures

Hair Transplant Methods


It is the advanced method of transplantation, in which hair follicles are selected and extracted individually with the advanced tools to ensure minimum scarring and no damage to the tissue surrounding the hair follicles. The punches used for the extraction can have diameter 0.6 mm to 1mm that leaves only the tiny holes after extraction.


In this technique the strip of hair follicles is taken from the permanent zone of the scalp as per determined in the pre consultation. Then the extracted strip of hair follicles is dissected in the natural grouping of 1-4 hair to prepare them for transplantation. In this method there is need to sulture the donor area after extraction of strip.


This is the most advanced procedure resulted by combing the BIO THERPY and the FUE procedure. After performing the normal FUE procedure the growth factors are also injected in the scalp to fasten the healing process and to stimulate the hair growth.


It is our specialty to perform the giga sessions with extreme care to enhance the feasibility of results and to offer higher density to the patient as per the larger requirement for hair restoration.

Advantages Of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in India is the ideal solution for restoring the crown glory, as it is the only known natural and permanent solution of hair loss. Along with the permanent results there are many other benefits of this procedure as follows.

  • We perform the procedure to ensure the growth of each hair follicle after surgery

  • It ensures the aesthetic look with specific count of grafts

  • It is scar free procedure

  • 100% safe and reliable results

  • It ensures the natural hair growth without being notice by others

  • Painless method for hair restoration

  • No need of cut and stitches

  • You wouldn’t need to worry over undesired results when you met an experienced surgeon in India

Why Only Us

We have experience of performing thousands of hair transplant surgeries in India with optimized results at the affordable cost without compromise of quality of treatment. Our experienced team has achieved the level of expertise to provide you the aesthetic look with non- invasive surgeries so that donor area can be saved even after extraction.

One can have following benefits by choosing our best center for hair transplantation surgery

  • Complete team of experienced and qualified surgeons , technicians , world class facilities so that great results with hassle free experience can be provided

  • We offer the excellent treatment at reasonable cost without composing the quality at any level of treatment

  • Minimum wastage of grafts while extraction and transplantation

  • Ultra hygienic OT

  • Free consultation

  • Total pre and post op care system

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