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    Why To Choose Subglandular Placement Of Breast Implants

    The desire for having the attractive figure with perfectly shaped breasts, lead the women towards the breast augmentation. Primarily taking the decision of breast augmentation is not an easy decision in itself and further, this decision involves many sub decisions such as breast implant type that can suit you, the type of incision for implant and placement of the implant and many others.

    The prime concern for the females is the selection of the location for the breast implants means whether they should have over the breast tissue implant called Subglandular or under the pectoralis muscle implant called submuscular. The selection of breast implant location is determined by several factors like the patient has fatty skin or thin means the skin type can also affect the location of the implant.

    Subglandular placement of breast implant is done under the breast tissue so the women with thin tissues are not ideal candidates for Subglandular breast augmentation.  But if you are the ideal candidate for this procedure and have taken decision for this procedure after discussing with your cosmetic surgeon then you can have the effective results. This surgery also provides the following benefits to patients.

    • Risk of motion deformity get reduced with this type of procedure as in the Subglandular breast implant, the incision is made behind the breast gland and on the top of chest tissue so that implant can be placed under the breast tissue. This type of placement prevents the motion deformity means the obvious animation of breast implants. In simple words, after the Subglandular placement of the implant, females can have the more natural look of the breast which never get visible during the arm movements in which chest muscle get contracted.
    • Subglandular implant placement enables the surgeon easier detection for the capsular contracture means it allows the implant to move freely. Capsular contracture is the thin and transparent capsule surrounding the breast implant and it occurs when the capsule get tight and thick within the implant so its occurrence can give odd and constricted look.
    • Subglandular placement of breast implant gives the natural lift to the breast as implant above the chest muscle and beneath the breast tissue gives the significant boost to breast so the women could have natural looking breasts after the procedure even if they have the great extent of dropping in their breasts.

    Only the closer look to the Subglandular procedure of breast segmentation can help you to know the advantages of this procedure otherwise there are many rumors about its disadvantages or negative results however the actual results depends on the efficiency and experience of the surgeon for breast implants.

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