When should I start massaging my scalp after hair transplant treatment?

When should I start massaging my scalp after hair transplant treatment?

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    When should I start massaging my scalp after hair transplant treatment?


    Undergoing hair transplant is the best approach to deal with hair loss and thin hair. Hair transplant Vizag is one of those options which helps you see the desired hair growth. Following the treatment, just make sure that you follow the instructions given by the surgeon. Your little efforts will make a lot of difference in the outcomes.

    Most of the patients get concerned about, ‘When should they massage the scalp?’. In case, you have the same concern, then read the blog carefully. We have shared expert advice on what you should do to avoid any problem.

    When should I massage the scalp after a hair transplant?

    From ancient times, hair massage is considered the best approach to boost hair growth and nourish the hair. It is the perfect route for healthy hair. Although if you have undergone a hair transplant, then you need to take expert assistance and then only make the final choice. The experts always suggest avoiding scalp massage after the hair restoration. Some of the instructions which need to bear in mind are mentioned below.

    Should I get a scalp massage after a hair transplant?

    Individuals who have undergone hair transplants, need to wait for a certain time to get a scalp massage. On average, the patient should wait for 10 days to get a head massage. Even at that point, they need to lightly massage the scalp.

    At this instance, you might have a question in your mind, ‘Why so?’ Well! This is because you need to wait for at least 10 days to give your scalp to deal with the effect of the surgical approach. If you don’t then there are high chances the transplanted hair follicles get damaged.

    Even if you feel itchy, do not scratch the scalp

    Make sure to not apply pressure on the scalp or scratch it. This includes the recipient and donor area. Make sure you wait for a few weeks to get a hair transplant.

    Do not use any harsh shampoo

    Make sure you do not put anything on the scalp which contains harsh ingredients or chemicals. If you do so, then it will greatly damage the hair follicles.

    How can you avoid itching and irritation instead of scalp massage?

    If you have deliberated with the experienced surgeon, then he must have suggested your medications. This is because medications are a great approach to deal with the itching, scarring, and irritation. The medications include the following:

    • Ointments

    The surgeon will suggest ointments as they work best for irritation and itching which happens following a hair transplant.

    • Cold compression

    Cold compression is another way to limit the extent of pain & itching following a hair transplant. Although, you should put excess pressure on the scalp.

    Sum up!

    You are likely to get all the necessary information when you consult the best hair transplant surgeon. What should you do and what should you avoid, will be told to you in the first place. If you want to get detailed information about the treatment, then book your initial consultation with us.