What is the time taken for hymen repair?

What is the time taken for hymen repair?

What is the time taken for hymen repair?

The hymen is an integral part of the female anatomy. It is a thin membrane-like structure which covers the vaginal opening. The hymen usually ruptures when the woman has vaginal sex for the first time. But it may also be ruptured during exercise, tampon insertion or masturbation. It is a brutal truth in many cultures that the society looks down upon women who are not virgins before marriage. Its original form have the option for undergoing hymenoplasty. It is a surgery in which surgical restoration of a hymen is carried out. It is also referred to as Virginity surgery or Hymen Repair surgery.

The surgery in finer details

The surgery is fairly simple to carry out. The mucosal edges are freshened. This is followed by stitching the tissues together.

The hymen opening is thus reduced to 1-2 cm in diameter.Self-dissolving sutures are used to stitch the tissues.The surgery can be carried out by using local anesthesia.If the patient so desires, oral sedation may be used. In cases where the patient is extremely anxious, intravenous sedation or general anesthesia may also be considered.

Precautions after the surgery

The hymen is a delicate part of a woman. Its restoration is a miraculous gift offered by the medical fraternity. As in the case of other surgeries, it requires great care and gentle handling of the area after the surgery. The foremost care that should be taken is to abstain from sexual activity for a minimum period of six weeks. Any self-indulgence like masturbation is also strictly prohibited for the same period of time. Any kind of foreplay or insertion of fingers to check the results of the surgery will be enough to damage the organ and cause discomfort. Resume any kind of aforementioned activities only after the mentioned period of time. It is highly recommended that you select an experienced surgeon with a proven track record.The clinic chosen also must have all the latest facilities and infrastructure in case an emergency situation arises. The cost may vary according to your location and the clinic that you choose. Before reviewing your budget, consider the fact that your body and well being is at a risk if you are bartering your well being for a small amount of cash.