Face lift surgery

    What is not to perform after the Face lift surgery?

    FACE LIFT SURGERY: A face lift surgery is recommended to those persons who are having aging signs. In the scientific field, this procedure is known as Rhytidectomy. This method is suitable for reducing the signs of the aging on the neck and the face. This method is also used to reduce the deep creases beneath the lower eyelids and also suitable for the deep creases on the nose extending towards to the corners of the mouth.

    This is the correction method to correct the loss of the muscle tone along the lower face, excess fat deposits and loose skin under the jaw. This is also used to rectify the double chin features.

    What are the various choices of the Face lift procedures?

    • This procedure is performed with the other surgical procedures like brow lift.
    • This is also performed with the eyelid procedures so that you can look more lively and young.
    • This is the one of the restorative procedure and it doesn’t change the actual look of the individual.
    • This is not the procedure to stop your aging.
    • This procedure is performed to achieve the best results.
    • This procedure helps to give you the youthful appearance that can last up to 10 years.
    • This is the outpatient surgery. This is performed by the best cosmetic surgeon in India.
    • The dressing after the surgery is removed after the 3 to 5 days. After that, you will resume your social activities.

    What are do-not’s of the Natural looking Face lift Result?

    The natural appearance of the face lift surgery is entirely dependent on the surgeon. The best surgeon will perform the best face lift surgery in Visakhapatnam. Following are the things that should not perform the face lift surgery;

    1. Don’t overdo the filler: Botox or filler substance is used to improve the appearance of the face. This is essential ingredient that helps to avoid the bloated look. Botox is the modernization filler that adds life to the aging face.

    2. Don’t stretch the skin: Most of the surgeon achieves the support and elevation of the face by elevating the muscle layer. The next question that arises in the mind is how this is performed? This is performed by creating the incisions on both sides of the skin. This is helpful to create the skin flaps. Skin flaps allow the surgeon to access SAMS. SAMS is the thin layer of the muscles of the skin. The only recommended advice is to not to stretch the skin. Others it will create holes or pores inside the skin.

    3. Don’t pull straight back: Your face should be elevated in the upward direction. You should avoid the face pulled straight back. If your surgeon is experienced enough. Then he will try every effort to give you the natural look.

    4. Don’t overdo the neck: This is recommended that you should avoid excessive liposuction on the neck. Too much liposuction will remove the smooth appearance of the skin. If you don’t choose the best surgeon for the face lift surgery then you are left with the Lumpy appearance along the neck.

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