Finasteride Treatment

    What is Finasteride Treatment?

    Seek the physician’s guidance before embarking on Finasteride

    Finasteride treatment is exclusively for men and it is also known as Propecia. Propecia is one of the major ways of combating hair loss and it is approved by pivotal organizations in hair loss in men.

    The treatment is orally administered and it is at times taken with Minoxidil a popular hair loss treatment for women. With Finasteride, you will have to swallow a single tablet a day normally containing 1mg or 5mg to help increase male hormones (testosterone) and activate the cells in the scalp. Normally, hair loss or baldness occurs due to degeneration of cells, which causes a slower or no growth rate.

    How to use it

    • It is a powerful hair loss treatment, but also associated with a number of side-effects. For the best results, first consult a surgeon or a dermatologist before you start using the treatment.
    • The doctor will instruct you depending on the extent of your hair loss, expected reactions, and the results to be obtained


    • Any medicines that contain Finasteride elements pose different threats to patients, especially women. On the use of the treatment, a woman will experience increased body hair growth that is uncontrollable. It may also damage cells within the body
    • Some men who have used it report a decreased sex drive, erection issues, and reckless decisions due to headaches
    • Women must not take the medication while pregnant

    Reasons why you can take the treatment for better results

    • It is an ideal baldness or hair loss treatment for those who may not afford a hair transplant

    FDA discovered that men who take the medication experienced hair growth rate by 280 hairs per square inch before a year elapsed

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