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What is Breast Reduction Surgery? Know About Its Procedure

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    What is Breast Reduction Surgery? Know About Its Procedure

    If you are worried and feeling stress about your breast size that the heavy and large breast can cause a backache and neck pain then with the breast reduction surgery, you can reduce the size according to your desire.

    Large breast size sometime does not match with your body. You may suffer from skin irritation below the breast. Also, it is not easy to maintain the heavy breast at gatherings and this can make you to buy new sizes of clothes again and again.

    But there is a best surgical solution to this problem i.e. Breast reduction surgery in India. This is the only last option with which you can get rid of your large sizes f breast. You can instantaneously get the advantage of getting rid of back, neck and shoulder pain, skin infections, irritations and difference experienced in size.

    The procedure of the surgery involves the removal of tissues and some breast skin and then suturing the skin. Sometimes, there can be also needed to reposition the areola part in case of large sizes.

    Watch this live video of breast reduction surgery, to get an idea about the live procedure of the surgery.