Methods Used .

    What Are Various Methods Used For The Lip Augmentation?

    Lip augmentation is the best cosmetic surgery in India. This is the non-surgical procedure that is used to alter the appearance of the lips. This involves the enlargement of the lips using the fillers. You can consult the best surgeon for the lip correction surgery in India.

    Lip augmentation is performed by using the following substances:

    • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid

    • Patient’s own fat tissue.

    • Permanent solutions (endoprosthesis)


    This injection is not painful and doesn’t require any kind of the hospitalization.

    Uses of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

    These fillers are used to improve the appearance of your lips by adding the following to your lips:

    • Shape

    • Structure

    • Volume

    What are the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers?

    Following are the benefits of the Hyaluronic Acid Fillers:

    • Control over lip volume: the volume of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers will be best controlled by your surgeon. The expert in this field knows very well how much quantity is required to fill the lips in a controlled manner.

    • Gradual pace of treatment: These inject should be injected at the different periods of the time. These injections are injected at that time period until the desired results are not achieved.

    • Bumps dissolve easily: All the bumps and the lumps are dissolved easily

    • Less bruising: There is less amount of the swelling as compared to the other dermal fillers.

    • Reasonably lasting results: This has the long lasting results but results are not permanent.

    • Allergic reaction: it doesn’t cause any kind of the allergic reactions.


    • This is the facial procedure. In this technique, injection of the fat tissue is injected in the lips by using the special cannula.

    • This procedure is performed under the local anesthesia.

    • This treatment time is 45 minutes.

    • You can see the results between the 4 to 9 months.

    • This is the most harmless, less costly with the expected results.

    • After the treatment, it has the beautiful contour, sensuality and the long lasting result.

    • There is no pain and discomfort involved in this treatment.

    • This treatment doesn’t require the hospitalization.

    What are the various risks and side effects associated with the Lip augmentation?

    Following are the side effects of the Lip Augmentation;

    • There may be chances of bleeding from the injection sites.

    • There may be chances of the swelling and bruising.

    • You will notice the redness and the tenderness at the site of the injection.

    • Serious side effects include the prolonged swelling for the 10 days.

    • There may be the chance of the Lip symmetry.

    • There may be chances of the lumps and irregularities in the lips.

    • There may be the chance of the infection.

    • Injection into blood vessel sometimes leads to the problem of the tissue loss.

    • Sometimes, there may be scaring shown on the lips.

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