tips of Rhinoplasty Recovery

    What are the various tips of Rhinoplasty Recovery?

    Nose correction surgery in India is the plastic surgery method that is used for correcting and reconstructing of the nose by resolving the various issues like nasal trauma. Most of the patients go for the Rhinoplasty due to following reasons:

    • to remove a bump
    • narrow nostril width
    • change the angle between the nose and the mouth
    • correct injuries, birth defects, or other problems that affect breathing

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    What are the various tips of the Rhinoplasty Recovery?

    Tip #1: Take enough recovery time

    Most of the surgeons will recommend you the 1-2 weeks of the recovery period after the Rhinoplasty surgery. No doubt, you will feel normal after the few days but you have to do the complete rest in order to complete the recovery and the healing process.

    Tip #2: Set up a proper Recovery Area

    You will not do the normal routine tasks after the Rhinoplasty. You have to arrange the recovery area before hand. In the few hours, you have to sleep elevated above your heart initially. So easy chair with two pillows and the blankets are the best option for this. If you don’t have the chairs then your bed will do work for you. You will use the extra pillows in order to stabilize your sleep. You also have to ready to your ice packs. Your painkillers will be close to you in order to control the discomfort.

    Tip #3: Plan your meal before head.

    You cannot make your food by yourself. You have to plan out your meal. You have to cut out the salty and sugary food from your diet. You have to make your food beforehand; your food should be freeze or refrigerated. At the dinner time, you don’t need to perform extra hassle, just microwave it and eat.

    Tip #4: Take Your Medicines at the proper time

    The next guideline is to take your medicines in time and according to the prescription of the doctor.

    Tip #5: Treat Your Nose with Respect

    Your surgeon has created the magic in the operating room; you have to take the necessary steps in order to recover fully.You have to leave the smoking, drinking and consumption of the wrong supplements etc.

    Tip #6: Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

    This is the essential condition that you should follow the pre and post instructions properly; this will help you to the successful recovery of your nose.

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