What are the effects of male pattern baldness and chemotherapy on the hair?

    What are the effects of male pattern baldness and chemotherapy on the hair?

    Nobody wants to lose the hair and in this era where looks do matter a lot, how can one afford to lose hair. So For this reason, hair transplant Vizag is getting popular. If you are the one who is looking for knowledge of each aspect of hair loss, then we are here to facilitate you with some of our important cases studies from which you will get a clear idea about the symptoms and treatments of hair loss.

    Case study 1:

    We encountered a patient whose name was Raj Panth and he approached us for the treatment of the male pattern baldness.

    Male pattern baldness’s connotation is to experience the balding, particularly in the horseshoe pattern. When we deliberated with the patient, he told us that from the last six months, he was losing hair in nearly 200 quantities.

    We asked him why he didn’t approach us at that time. Then we were not surprised with his answer because he thought falling 200 hairs daily is quite normal. Then we explained to him that if his hair is falling in the amount of 100, the rest of the other cases come up as abnormal. We carried out the Follicular unit extraction on him. In this procedure, the individual hair grafts are extracted from one zone of the body and are transplanted in the bald zone.

    Case study 2:

    Mrs Jyoti Sharma who was a cancer survivor was a beautiful and bold lady. She sought our help for rejuvenation of the scalp to trigger the growth of the hair follicles.

    In 2016 she was diagnosed with a tumour in her lungs. But gratefully she was able to get it diagnosed in the first stage, so she was saved. But the individuals do not have any control over the obvious consequences of cancer.

    Hair loss is something that every cancer patient has to undergo. But since she recovered, she wanted her scalp to be full of dense and volumized hair. We performed the Bio FUE technique to fetch the required results. To carry out the procedure, we extracted blood from one part of the body and transfused the regenerative cells in the bald zone. We were happy with the successful results. But we were happier to make her smile.

    How did these patients approach us?

    A potential user might be thinking of why the above-mentioned patients only visited us and not any other clinic. Then we would like to tell you that these patients developed faith in us through the Online medium. We are active on all our social media platforms. Besides, the user interface of our website is so friendly that you can easily book a consultation with us.

    Why did they end up selecting us for rendering the services?

    In the initial consultation, we made them meet with our team of dermatologists and surgeons who carry out the procedures.

    We also showed them the update of our technology and techniques.

    We know that a patient can only build faith in you if they deliberate with the previously served patients. So they were also made to meet the previous patients.


    If you are also interested in taking up the hair transplantation procedures, then please book your appointment with us right away.


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