What are Bald Spots? How are these caused? How can these get treated?

What are Bald Spots? How are these caused? How can these get treated?

PRP Treatment – Non Surgical Solution for Hair Restoration

No matter wherever the bald spots show up (Scalp, Beard or Brow), these are always caused by the medical condition which is known as the alopecia areata. According to the cosmetic surgeons who carry out the Hair transplant in Vizag, “ Spot baldness is considered as one of the disorders concerning the autoimmune system, which attack the hair follicles by misinterpreting the hair follicles with the foreign invaders.”

Keep it clear
The hair transplant cost to cover the bald spots will be entirely different as compared to the cost demanded for getting rid of the completely bald head.

Alopecia areata and the androgenic alopecia are not the same
Androgenic alopecia is known to cause hair loss but the alopecia areata simply causes the person to suffer from patchy bald spots.

Bald spots in the Eyebrows
Whenever the individual suddenly loses the eyebrows, then there might be so many reasons for this, but among all, alopecia areata is the most common reason.

Bald spots in the Beard
Men who are having thick and uniform beards, usually start developing bald patches suddenly.

Important Points to know
• For those patients who had never experienced facial hair in particular spots, the hair transplantation procedure is the best solution.
• Rogaine and Xeljanz could come out as the best suitable alternatives for the hair transplantation procedure.

It’s important to consult with your doctor or dermatologist to determine the cause of the hair loss, and then, the best treatment option for you.

Do not misunderstand!
It is not only the alopecia areata condition that causes the hair to fall out. Rather there are certain conditions as well which causes hair loss:

• Skin conditions like:
• Eczema
• Seborrheic
• Dermatitis
• Psoriasis

• Deficiency of any of the following kinds of vitamins:
• A
• B7
• B12
• C
• D
• E

• Not able to get the enough omega-3 fatty acids
• Formation of ringworm in the scalp
• Hypothyroidism
• Leprosy

• Deficiencies of the following:
• Iron
• Zinc

• Unmanageable stress
• Chronic Anxiety

Did you know?
Some of the additional causes of the bald spots could be any of the following:
• Scalp
• Beard
• Brow

Treatment Options
There are so many surgical and non-surgical treatment options that are not only responsible for treating hair loss but bald spots as well.

Surgical treatment alternatives
Non-Surgical Treatment Options for the Bald spots
Following are the commonly used surgical treatment options:
• Strip Harvesting
• NeoGRaft
When we are talking about the non-surgical treatment options, then we are particularly talking about the chemical formulations that are not only responsible for increasing the growth of the hair (both lengthwise and widthwise). The most popular treatment of these are:

• Finasteride
• Dutasteride
• Tofacitinib
• Minoxidil
• PRP Treatments

The doctor will choose the right treatment for you!
The doctor is responsible for choosing the right treatment for you. First of all the doctor will try to get rid of the problem from the non-surgical methods. When they will not come out to be useful, only then he will suggest the patient to sign the consent form mandatory for undergoing the surgical procedure.